New packages released

New packages are available there: link.

It fixes issues 24, 25, 31, 19.

There is a new package (sixemugui_0.1-1_i386.deb) that contains the sixemugui tool.

Package installation now adds shortcuts for sixemuconf and sixemugui in the Application>Game menu.

Quick instructions:

  1. Plug you sixaxis and bt dongle
  2. Select the sixaxis
  3. Select the bt dongle
  4. Set the dongle address (don’t forget to write the old one down)
  5. Re-select the sixaxis and the bt dongle
  6. Start emu (a popup will tell you if connection is succesful)
  7. Start emuclient
  8. Enjoy!

As I won’t be available next week, I didn’t updated the tutorial.

So if you use them and find some issues, please report them, but don’t expect to have a quick answer or a quick fix.