New all-in-one package 0.13

I built a new all-in-one package 0.13 that includes everything needed to install, configure and launch the sixaxis emulator.

It features a new gui called “sixstatus” that is able to display the sixaxis status (issue 35), as shown in the following screenshot:

It’s now possible to save the configuration of sixemugui (Sixaxis and PS3 addresses) so that it is not required (except for the first launch) to have the sixaxis plugged anymore (issue 33).

Last but not least, the mouse calibration mode is improved (issue 36).

If you installed the 9.99 test package, uninstall it before installing this new package!

Package download: sixemu_0.13-1_i386.deb

I will update the tutorials latter.

New packages released

New packages are available there: link.

It fixes issues 24, 25, 31, 19.

There is a new package (sixemugui_0.1-1_i386.deb) that contains the sixemugui tool.

Package installation now adds shortcuts for sixemuconf and sixemugui in the Application>Game menu.

Quick instructions:

  1. Plug you sixaxis and bt dongle
  2. Select the sixaxis
  3. Select the bt dongle
  4. Set the dongle address (don’t forget to write the old one down)
  5. Re-select the sixaxis and the bt dongle
  6. Start emu (a popup will tell you if connection is succesful)
  7. Start emuclient
  8. Enjoy!

As I won’t be available next week, I didn’t updated the tutorial.

So if you use them and find some issues, please report them, but don’t expect to have a quick answer or a quick fix.