GIMX donations 2022

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GIMX is free and open-source software, and the adapter is open-design.
I spend a lot of my free time improving it. I also spend a lot of money to buy a lot of hardware such as video game consoles, game controllers, and development hardware.
If you enjoy using GIMX, please consider making a small donation to help future developments.

Previous donation funds: Previous donations are listed on the wiki.

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Wiki update: guide generator!

GIMX has a lot of use cases, which made the documentation become complex. Lots of sections were specific to specific use cases. It became hard to understand. Many people came to the forum requesting a tutorial focusing on their use case. Until now there wasn’t any such thing.

Together with GoDlike we worked on improving the wiki experience. The main page was refreshed and simplified. It now has a guide generator. The use case is selected using three drop-down menus: OS / control scheme / target platform (screenshot below).

Clicking on OK redirects to a page that matches the use case. All instructions on this page are applicable for the use case. The selected values are resumed at the top of the page, as shown in the screenshot below.

GoDlike also made really nice connection diagrams that will hopefully help people understand the use cases very quickly. Below is the generic diagram that resumes the GIMX capabilities.

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GIMX adapter

The unit is made of a USB to UART adapter based on the CP2104 chip, and a pro micro board based on the atmega32u4 chip. The two parts are connected with soldered wires and are attached with 3D printed parts. This prevents bad contacts and disconnections from happening.

Electrical insulation is ensured by a translucid heat-shrink tubing that allows seeing the on-board LEDs.

A 1-meter micro USB cable is provided to connect the micro USB port to the gaming console.

All parts including the USB cable are tested and selected through a quality assurance process. The assembled unit goes through a final endurance test that checks perfect operation.

The adapter gets loaded with the EMUG29PS4 firmware. Firmware can further be changed easily using gimx-loader. The firmwares that can be loaded are listed here: link.

Operating instructions

Refer to the GIMX wiki.

Important note

The GIMX shop only sells hardware. It is your duty to check that this product will fit your needs. In case of doubt, please consider posting questions before placing any order, in the discussion section of the GIMX forum.

Reasons to buy the GIMX adapter

Building a GIMX adapter yourself may be challenging. You may get wrong or defective hardware and loose a few hours figuring out what’s happening, and if this happens, you will loose more time waiting for the replacement part. You may also break the hardware as well due to inappropriate use.

The GIMX adapter is made with parts selected by the GIMX creator. This ensures 100% compatibility with the GIMX software.

Buying an adapter on this shop is a way to support the GIMX project. All the GIMX resources (software, firmware, wiki, …) are provided for free!


These times apply to regular orders (if product is in stock) and are indicative.
Backorders ship as soon as restock allows it.

Order placed before 07:00AM CET after 07:00AM CET
on Monday ships on Monday ships on Tuesday
on Tuesday ships on Tuesday ships on Wednesday
on Wednesday ships on Wednesday ships on Thursday
on Thursday ships on Thursday ships on Friday
on Friday ships on Friday ships on Monday *
on Saturday ships on Monday * ships on Monday
on Sunday ships on Monday ships on Monday

* may ship on Saturday
Click here to view current CET time.
Shipping may be delayed a few days due to French public holidays.
Shortly after shipping you should receive an email indicating your order has completed. If you do not receive any message, please check your spam folder. If you find an email from GIMX in your spam folder, please mark it as non-spam.

Shipping methods

Priority mail is regular mail, it does not provide tracking. It is the cheapest shipping method, and it is available for worldwide destinations. Delivery reliability depends on the postal service in the destination country.

International tracked mail is mail with end-to-end tracking. It is not available for all destinations. Delivery is very reliable.

For both shipping methods you must have a mailbox with your name written on it, otherwise delivery will likely fail.


Delivery can be delayed due to the covid-19 outbreak. Delivery times indicated below apply to normal circumstances.

These times are indicative and apply after shipping. Delivery time may depend on the country. Delivery can also be delayed due to customs.

Please double this time before asking for a resolution (4 days for France, 4 weeks for EEA, 8 weeks for the rest of the world). For Ukraine please wait up to 10 weeks after shipping.

Customer support

Please read product description first! If you have questions about delivery time, please read first the “Delivery” section just above!

If you have any question regarding your order (not answered in product description!), or if you have issues placing your order, please send me an email at

If you don’t get an answer after a couple of days, please check your spam folder. If you find a mail from GIMX in your spam folder, please mark it as non-spam.

31 reviews for GIMX adapter

  1. David (verified owner)

    Works great with my Logitech Driving Force GT in Dirt Rally on PS4.
    Very fast delivery!

  2. Jaabir (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Logitech DFGT. Works perfectly experiencing no latency in control. Would recommend.

  3. Conmob (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this adapter, works perfect with my ps2/ps3 Logitech Driving Force GT on my PS4. So far I have tested with Drive Club and Dirt Rally. Easy to set up after downloading the GIMX software to my pc and the Logitech program to get the necessary drivers for the steering wheel. All the instructions are on GIMX wiki. great quality and price, highly recommended, Thanks.

  4. Mladen Tapavički (verified owner)

    Works perfectly with G27! Many thanks.

  5. gonxalo__14 (verified owner)

    Bought to use my DFGT for Gran Turismo Sport and works like a charm!

  6. jbattams (verified owner)

    Incredible, I wish I had purchased an adapter when Mathieu first made them! I can now use my old DFP with all my favourite racing games including GT Sport! I was saving up for a G29 but Mathieu has saved me so much money- amazing work and worked right out of the box! Now just need to research loading the software onto my Pi so I dont have to have my laptop sitting next to my PS4. A thousand thank-you’s!! 🙂 🙂

  7. randomnerd (verified owner)

    great product, but its kinda incomplete. you should make premium package with an included raspberry pi glued to a usb hub 🙂

  8. MorMot (verified owner)

    Logitech G27 + Playstation 4 + Gran Turismo Sport = best ever race with FF, Clutch and H-shifted Gear!
    All works from the box!

    Parcel was delivered to deepest region in Russia for 3 weeks! Amazing!

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  9. mikko (verified owner)

    Logitech Momo Racing + Playstation 4 Pro + Gran Turismo Sport and Assetto Corsa works perfectly both. Force feedback and gear shifter works.

    Installed software and downloaded config and that’s it.

    Adapter was posted to Finland in one week.

  10. Nico (verified owner)

    This adaptor works fine with my Driving Force GT (emulation + feedback), but the micro-USB connector is very fragile. I already soldered it one time, and now is totally ripped off… 30€ for less than one year… I’m a bit bitter… I am not a brute and usually my stuffs last a long time…

    • Matlo

      In reply to Nico.

      Please contact customer support at This happened to very few customers. Also the connector is now reinforced.

      • Matlo

        In reply to Matlo.

        Customer was provided with a replacement.

  11. kcabegglen (verified owner)

    Mathieu has been extremely awesome and nice and tries to make all his customers happy and content with their purchase. If there is any difficulties he doesn’t hesitate to reach out and solve the situation! Overall the Adapter works and it does the job. He has changed the design to make the adapter more robust and it is! Would recommend his services.

    — original review —

    note: 1 star

    The adapter was working perfectly fine for my mouse and keyboard, but as Nico stated above. The micro usb connector is very fragile and just came off for the 3 days I was able to use the adapter, it’s been less than 1 month since I’ve got it and it already broke. I’m a bit disappointed.

    • Matlo

      In reply to kcabegglen.

      Customer was provided with a replacement.

  12. Konstantin (verified owner)

    Thanks. The adapter received very quickly, from France to Latvia reached in 4 days. The adapter is well packaged.

  13. Ole Lamers (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and it works perfectly with my Logitech dfgt.

  14. Zachary Davis (verified owner)

    Satisfied with delivery speed, dissatisfied with inconsistency of results. Didn’t work after following all the steps first, then reinstalling and trying again. Put my computer to sleep, woke up to give it another shot, worked like a charm. Played for a few hours, switched games, it stopped working for a little while, then started again, then stopped again. Open to solutions / replacement. Great effort, shaky results.

    • Matlo

      In reply to Zachary Davis.

      This looks like a problem on the software/computer side. Please open a topic in the support section of the forum, and make sure to provide the details requested in forum rules.

  15. crtrwrg

    Used this adapter to play keyboard and mouse on Xbox and it works super good!!! Love it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an adapter!

  16. Matus Kral (verified owner)

    received the adapter within week.
    – the “cloth jacketed” usb cable is very good call!
    – gladly made this small contribution to the project.

    (it just makes no sense to waste time by building it yourself)

  17. Ole Lamers (verified owner)

    It works great with my dfgt on my ps4 but, after playing for like 15 minutes it stops working and I cant controle my game anymore not with my dfgt and also not with my dualshock 4 controller. To fix this I have to close down the command prompt window and start it again. Its very annoying for it to stop working in te middle of my race. Is there a solution for this or is this just a software or hardware problem?

    • Matlo

      In reply to Ole Lamers.

      Check all your cables, especially the Dualshock 4 one. Make sure not to disconnect any cable after starting GIMX. For further help, please open a topic in the support section of the forum, and make sure to provide the details requested in forum rules.

  18. Jakub Uher (verified owner)

    Was looking forward to order and finally play GT Sport with my G27. Had a problem paying the order. Wrote an email to the seller, he was very helpful, we resolved the issue and my order is finally on the way. I think a very good review is deserved just for the support, as well as the product itself. I’m sure everything will work fine, but if there’s a problem I know the seller will gladly help. I’m happy to make the contribution to the project!

  19. Francesco (verified owner)

    Ho acquistato l’emulatore qualche anno fa e solo da poco sono tornato ad utilizzarlo, sempre impeccabile nessun problema, usato con G25 su playstation 4 , ottimo con gran turismo sport. Sensazione stupenda data dal force feedback, peccato che il volante gira solo di 180°, se si potesse aumentare l’angolo di sterzata sarebbe meglio in certe occasioni. Accetto il vostro aiuto se si può regolare.

    • Matlo

      In reply to Francesco.

      When using a Logitech wheel older than the G29/G920, the wheel range is automatically adjusted according to the range sent by the game. For further help please start a topic in the support section on the GIMX forum:

  20. Satisfied customer (verified owner)

    Fast shipping to Canada. Works great with my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel. Responsive, no lag, with great force feedback. Nicely built adaptor with USB cable included, already flashed. Just download the GIMX software for PC or Raspberry Pi and you can start using your old driving wheel on your new console!

  21. Dennis Zitman (verified owner)

    Received my adapter within week.
    Looking forward using it with a Logitech G27!


  22. Alberto (verified owner)

    It works great using Thrustmaster TS-PC on PS4. Tested on GT Sport and Project Cars 2 with zero issues. Force-feedback working perfect and zero input lag. Takes some time to configure everything the first time, but after that it’s almost plug and play. The adaptor looks solid and the cable is very good. I live in Spain and it arrived 4 weeks after shipping (during Covid).
    Amazing product and project.

  23. tren rutten (verified owner)

    i bought the gimx adapter and its not working. when i try to start it sais access denied and when I try to update the firmware it sais programmer not found and times out.

    • Matlo

      In reply to tren rutten.

      Sorry to hear that you did not get your adapter to work. All adapters are tested working. I can help you make it work if you provide more details.

      The best way to get help making your adapter work is to subscribe to the GIMX forum, and to create a topic in the support section, with the details requested in forum rules. The GIMX community including myself can help you there.

      Support section:

      Forum rules:

  24. Low (verified owner)

    Réception rapide après l’envoi et bien protégé !
    Quelques galère à le faire fonctionner avec un Logitech G25 & Raspberry Pi 3B (câbles non compatibles, lancer gimx avec les logs pour debugger…) mais tout fonctionne parfaitement désormais !

    Merci beaucoup pour cette solution, je ferai bientôt un post sur ma configuration !

  25. Paul Hole (verified owner)

    Alright, this thing works splendidly when it works. I’ve only tested it with Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, but man, did it work well. I didn’t notice any latency, which is great, but I did have a few issues that eventually worked themselves out. Still working out the mouse speed thing, more testing required to find something I’m comfortable with. lol.

    Had this thing going for 1h 20 mins before I decided to stop. Never had a disconnect issue or anything, it just worked.

    Also, I ordered this gimx adapter on like.. the 22nd? and got it 6 days later. I’m in Canada, I was expecting 2 to 4 weeks, but oh boy am I happy it came now. Hopefully, later on down the road, a firmware update will come out for PS5 support – you know, when the rest of the world can also buy one. lol

    Hopefully I won’t ever need another one, but if I did, I would definitely buy another from here.

  26. Gabriel Gustavo Vicente Sousa (verified owner)

  27. Sébastien (verified owner)

    Fonctionne parfaitement avec mon DFGT et un raspberry pi sur PS4 avec GT Sport. Aucun lag, le force feedback est puissant comme il doit l’être, un vrai plaisir de pouvoir enfin utiliser mon volant sur PS4.
    Je regrette juste de ne pas avoir découvert GIMX plus tôt !
    Merci pour votre travail, très bon outils !

  28. Manu

    Hola, para cuando estara disponible el producto??gracias

  29. tinydarkness (verified owner)

    Hello, does anyone know when this might be available again – if ever?

  30. Alvaro

    Hey I can build the adapter for you if you are interested just sent me an email and I’ll try to help!

  31. Michael SteamController

    Hi folks, I’m in the USA and selling these adapters on eBay. You can search GIMX there or contact me through the forums (username SteamController).

    As usual, be wary of scammers!

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