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GIMX 5.9

This release is the last one in the 5.x series. It is the last release to be compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 and its derivatives. The GIMX 6.x series will be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 and its derivatives (such as Linux … Continue reading

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Disclaimer: I am not involved in any way in the diygadget.com company. Neither am I involved in the TIAO GBoard manufacturing. If you have issues loading a GIMX firmware on a TIAO GBoard, please ask for help on the TIAO … Continue reading

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GIMX 5.8

This release fixes a few bugs and adds GT Force, Driving Force and Driving Force Pro emulations, for PS2. Thanks to Pawel for submitting source code for these new wheel emulations! More info on the forum: link. rss

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GIMX 5.7

This release fixes two bugs: Dualshock 4 inputs not working when using the bluetooth connection method (#369), and Xbox 360 controller not working on Windows 10 (#368). More info on the forum: link.

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To speed up my development, I’ll try using the dummy_hcd kernel module, which allows to emulate an OTG port connected to the computer. dummy_hcd is missing on my GNU/Linux distribution (Linux Mint 17.3), so I had to build it myself: … Continue reading

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I received my C.H.I.P.s! The C.H.I.P. project was launched on Kickstarter in May 2015. This tiny Linux board has two interesting features: it is very cheap ($9 + shipping) it has a USB HOST port and a USB OTG port … Continue reading

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GIMX 5.6

This release fixes a bug in the mouse calibration tool (#363). More info on the forum: link. notice

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