GIMX adapter, Pro Micro side
GIMX adapter, CP2104 side

GIMX adapter


USB adapter made by the GIMX creator!
Includes a 1-meter micro USB cable.

Buy your GIMX adapter from the official shop to support the GIMX project!

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Product Description

The unit is composed of a USB to UART adapter based on the CP2104 chip, and an atmega32u4 board. The two parts are connected with soldered wires and are glued together. This prevents bad contacts and disconnections from happening.

Electrical insulation is ensured by a translucid heat-shrink tubing that allows seeing the on-board LEDs.

A 1-meter micro USB cable is provided to connect the micro USB port to the gaming console. Extra USB cables can be ordered separately: product link.

All parts including the USB cable are tested and selected through a quality assurance process. The assembled unit goes through a final test that checks perfect operation.

The firmwares that can be loaded are listed here: link. The adapter gets loaded with the EMUG29PS4 firmware. Make sure to leave a note when ordering if you wish another firmware to be loaded (at the “Checkout” step, in the “Order Notes” text area). Firmware can further be changed following the instructions here: link.

Refer to the GIMX wiki for operating instructions: link.

Please note that the GIMX shop only sells hardware. It is your duty to check that this product will fit your needs. In case of doubt, please consider posting questions before placing any order, in the discussion section of the GIMX forum.

Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 6 x 2 x 1 cm
Cable length

100 cm

Cable color



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