Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 is out! Some important changes for the sixaxis emulator:

  • the bluez version is now 4.91

The Ubuntu 10.10 bluez version (4.69) seems to cause some connection problems in some undefined cases.

  • the middle mouse button emulation is now off by default

This “feature” can cause a 50ms lag for left and right mouse buttons.

Download link.

Connection errors

This post is for people getting connection errors.

Some people reported connection issues that were fixed by upgrading the linux bluetooth stack (default one in Ubuntu 10.10 is version 4.69).

Instructions if you want to do upgrade to the latest version (4.91):

System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager
Settings > Repositories > Other Software

Apt Line: ppa:blueman/ppa

Mark all upgrades

I just upgraded to this version and it seems not to cause any issue on my setup. Do it at your own risk!

Note: bluez version 4.91 is now in Ubuntu 11.04.