About the "Kinect-PS3" project

The Kinect-PS3 project from Shantanu Goel makes some huge buzz on the web. The Kinect-PS3 uses -among others things- the sixaxis emulator (called “diyps3controller” everywhere because of the name of my googlecode page), and probably wouldn’t be there without it. Many websites are talking about the Kinect-PS3, and they only give credits to only one person… guess who. This is not very fair, and I really would have appreciated getting a few credits for what I am working on.

That said, the Kinect-PS3 is a great showcase for the sixaxis emulator, and my googlecode page and blog are currently receiving an unusual amount of visitors.

I guess Sony will not enjoy this stuff at all, and I hope they won’t try to break the compatibility with the sixaxis emulator. But if they try to, be sure I will do my best to fix it.