Voice control

This is my first post about “voice control” for the PS3.

Voice control is only #4 in my todo list, but as I’m curious, I wanted to know how hard this stuff is, and I decided to begin searching for Linux tools.

Speech recognition is a wider area than voice control. Considering what I want to do (voice control), it is a hard and wasteful thing (cpu consumption, complexity).

There are many projects that allow voice control stuffs. I will only focus on projects that are widely used/tested and still developed/maintained.

Project to watch regularly:

Some projects that are probably good enough to make a “hackish” proof-of-concept:

  • Simon: the wiki tells the installation is easy, but this sadly seems to be broken with Ubuntu Maverick. I need to work more on that cross-platform (Linux+Windows) solution.
  • Julius+Voxforge: seems to be very easy to install, but no GUI.
  • Pocketsphinx: a recognizer library written in C.

To be continued!