Fundraising for GIMX PS4 support

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I am hoping to raise $550 for buying a PS4 so that I can add PS4 support in GIMX. This amount is about 399€, which is the release price in France. So far I have raised $705. If you would like to contribute, click on the donate button below:
UPDATE 2016-02-03:
This fundraising is closed. You can still contribute to the current GIMX donation fund to thank me for this feature.
UPDATE 2015-10-20:
PS4 support has been added in GIMX 2.0. You can still contribute to this fundraising to thank me for this feature.
UPDATE 2014-01-08:
I received my PS4 earlier than expected 🙂
UPDATE 2014-01-03:
I canceled my order and bought a PS4 Killzone pack that I should receive on 2013-01-13.
UPDATE 2013-11-30:
I ordered a PS4 on Amazon. I have no precise delivery date. Amazon is saying "not before January".
UPDATE 2013-11-25:
Bad news: according to the developer of the USBXlater and the developer of the XIM, the PS4 isn't taking inputs from USB devices. Since I will not be able to make GIMX talk to the PS4 over USB, I will try over bluetooth.
I will not be able to reach the initial goal which was to build a firmware for the DIY USB adapter. If you are an early fundraiser (i.e. you donated before today - 2013-11-25), you can ask for a refund within two weeks (you should receive a mail from me later today).

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