Fundraising for PS4 force feedback wheel support

  • $468funding goal
  • $320raised
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I am hoping to raise $468 (about 370€) for buying a Thrustmaster T300RS so that I can study the possibility to add force feedback wheel support for the PS4 in GIMX. The T300RS may use a similar authentication scheme as the DS4, which means there's no guaranty it will work. PS4 force feedback wheel support in GIMX would allow PC-compatible wheels (such as the Momo Racing/G25/G27 from Logitech) to be used with the PS4. So far I have raised $320. If you would like to contribute, click on the donate button below:
UPDATE 2016-02-03:
This fundraising is closed. You can still contribute to the current GIMX donation fund to thank me for this feature.
UPDATE 2015-10-20:
PS4 force feedback support has been added for Logitech Wheels in GIMX 5.0.

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