GIMX 6.9

This release fixes a few issues and seeks to provide a better experience to newcomers.
To this end, gimx-launcher will now display explicit messages for most common errors, as well as possible causes.

More info on the forum: link.

GIMX 6.8

This release brings improvements to the GUIs:

  • A link to mouse calibration documentation is displayed when binding a mouse axis (gimx-config).
  • Default axis translation parameters have more consistent values (gimx-config).
  • A progress bar is now displayed when updating or downloading configurations (gimx-launcher).
  • A firmware loader tool called gimx-loader can be run from the “Help>Update firmware” menu entry in gimx-launcher.
  • When adding or editing a pedal axis binding, joystick correction is automatically added via a calibration step (gimx-config).

More info on the forum: link.