Another way to pair a dongle with a PS3 as a Sixaxis?

Another way to pair a dongle with the PS3 as a Sixaxis could be to change the bdaddr of a Sixaxis with the bdaddr of a dongle, and pair that Sixaxis with the PS3.

It seems that the bluetooth module of the sixaxis is composed of a CSR chip and an additional chip (flash memory?), so that there is a little chance that the bdaddr can be changed.

The bdaddr of the bluetooth master can be get/set with usb commands (as seen with sixpair utility). I’ll try to do the same with the bdaddr of the sixaxis (it is already known that there is a get command).

– any bluetooth dongle could be used
– using a widcomm compatible dongle could make possible to port the sixaxis emulator to windows
– the sixaxis bdaddr could be reset to its original value so that the sixaxis and the sixaxis emulator could be used at the same time

– none

This method doesn’t work, the command just fails.

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