Installation of GIMX 0.25 in Ubuntu 11.10

Synaptic has been dropped from Ubuntu 11.10, and is kind of replaced by the Ubuntu Software Center. GIMX tutorials tell to use Synaptic to add ‘universe’ to the software sources, that’s why they need to be updated. It’s possible to add ‘universe’ to the software sources with the Ubuntu Software Center, but it appears that there is a bug that prevents software sources to be refreshed in case a Live CD/USB is used. A work-around is to type “sudo apt-get update” in a terminal.

GIMX 0.25 installation in Ubuntu 11.10

Sixaxis emulator on a Ubuntu Live USB Persistent Flash Drive

As explained in the tutorial there, the sixaxis emulator runs well with a Ubuntu Live CD. But the bad point of that method is that the installed packages & softwares are not persistent (everything runs from volatile memory, nothing is saved on disk).

I discovered it is really easy to setup a Ubuntu Live USB Persistent Flash Drive. This stuff makes the sixaxis emulator extremely transportable: just take your bluetooth dongle and your usb flash drive, plug them on any PC, boot from USB, and start the sixaxis emulator!

A quick & easy tutorial to setup a Ubuntu Live USB Persistent Flash Drive can be found there.