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  1. great vid. for those having problem with the survival of the adress: try using a virtual machine Ubuntu, leave sixemugui open in it after you finished using it and suspend the Virtual machine, don't shut it down. my adress ihas remained changed on my ISSC bluetooth for almost a week.

  2. Quote from the tutorial:

    This generates an horizontal move, a diagonal move, and a vertical move that correspond to dead zone limits.
    If the position is not stable, decrease the dead zone until the position is stable.
    If the position is stable, increase the dead zone until last position that is stable.

  3. by stable do you mean in the GUI that the analog display bar does not max out and turn the text red? We want the bar to hit right before it?

  4. Stable means there is no move.

    The text should be black for low movements, and it's not a problem if it is red for fast movements. This is useful to set the multiplier, not the dead zone.

    I definitely have to make a video tutorial about how to calibrate the mouse.

  5. yes! but fixing the keyboard analog button issue gets me killed them most.

    Just want to also take the time to thank you for your time and effort in this project. I know its a side project for you, but your effort has made my past time a lot more fun. Thank you!

  6. Issue 15 is fixed. Next package release is planned tomorrow or Sunday, depending on my free time.

    Great to hear you are enjoying this software!

  7. one quick question: why in sixaxis emulator customizer you can configure multiple contolers? is not like you could use 2 controlers as controler 1&2 thru just one bluetooth that has cloned only one sixaixs, right? you would need a second bluetooth and a second sixaxis adress,or am i wrong?

  8. Yes, the goal is to allow to run up to 7 (the max supported by the ps3) controllers emulated on a single PC, with 7 bt dongles (we need 7 different bluetooth addresses).

    I already got 2 bt dongles connect to my ps3 at the same time. See a post from October 2010: http://blog.gimx.fr/?p=54

    I still have to make it available in the GUI, and I also have to find a solution to work with multiple mice/keyboards, which is not supported by the SDL library. Multiple joystick works.

  9. yes Im going to need a tutorial or at least know which each parameter does. I have tried everything from 0 to 500 dead zone, to 1 to 200 multipliers, to every exponent and I cannot get them to mesh well. I just want something decently fast and smooth close to 2:1 mouse movement I fail 🙁

  10. I tried to install sixemu while using a live linux cd but all i got was “Dependency is not satisfiable: libsvga1”

    couldnt install it, tried for a loooooong time. noone i know has been able to do it !!!

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