Version 0.14 released

Main improvements:

  • Config file permission/ownership problems should be fixed.
  • Software reset is improved (better compatibility with Broadcom dongles).
  • It’s possible to choose a circle or rectangle dead zone shape.
  • Sixemuconf allows to modify a mapping.
  • Sixemugui doesn’t hang anymore if connection is not successful.

All corrected issues:

Download link: sixemu_0.14-1_i386.deb


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  1. Amazing work on the new Release! everything seems to work fine. If I could suggest a toggle button for an additional mini profile to adjust Aiming sensitivity. In most games they change the sensitivity when your aiming down the sights, so having a toggle profile button mapped to the aiming button works to fix this issue.

  2. It's already possible to set up to 4 configurations/profiles per controller. But only "down events" may trigger a profile change.

    An easy modification could be a specific case for the right mouse button, that would make "up events" trigger a switch back to previous profile.

  3. Having a slight issue with analog button presses. When I am holding the left analog button, then press right analog, then let go of the right analog button ( while still holding the left analog button) Instead of moving to the left again, it just stops movement and I have to press the left button again. Anyway around this?

    Basically it thinks the analog stick is centered not going back to the left after moving to the right.

  4. I think it is, because the sdl library gets mouse and keyboard events from x11, and x11 is in charge to apply mouse acceleration.

  5. I have an mx518 mouse and I did 3 things

    Change the polling to 500hz
    I changed my CPI/DPI to 1600 from 800
    and I turned acceleration off xset m 0 0

    One of these made everything a bit faster and noticeably smoother in game.

  6. A higher dpi is better, I probably should add that in the tutorial.

    Setting different x and y multipliers allows to correct the y speed that is most of the time not the same for x and y with a standard sixaxis.

  7. Hello Matlo.

    Great work you're doing here, it works real nice.
    I wanted to know, as you have done such interface to µC before, would it be possible to convert your .deb package (I.E. the source) to a ARM? Or perhaps µClinux?


  8. No it's not possible, because the .deb (only binaries and config files, no source code) is compiled for i386. But it should not be that hard to compile the application for other hardware targets. Note that it requires that all libraries are available for that target.

  9. Hello again Matlo.
    Sometimes the keyboard doesn't want to strafe left. As if it were stuck some way. Maybe a bug? 🙂


  10. I wouldn't do anything tool assisted that would be easy for a human, but one frame links are common in high levels of play and some people manage > 90% accuracy with them. The bigger issue is kara canceling, and plinking, both extremely common techniques that require you press a button a frame after another button press. Kara is canceling the first frame of startup of a move to gain extra range or other properties, and plinking is a method to trick the game into registering a button press for two frames.
    Here is an example of a simple technique that requires frame perfect accuracy but can be done consistently by hand

  11. I just saw some videos on youtube 😀
    Wow, amazing! Some are even playing with a standard sixaxis… I think I underestimated humans 🙂

    Are you able to perform everything you want with the macro tool of the sixaxis emulator? I guess you use KEYDOWN+DELAY+KEYUP instead of KEY?

    Just a suggestion: if you want to see the exact timeline of what the emulator is doing, start emuclient with the terminal output.

  12. generally KEYDOWN+DELAY+KEYUP is more useful.
    It doesn't quite have the accuracy I'd like, you really need 10ms intervals to get perfect accuracy, and for some stuff like optimized charging you need perfect accuracy. But I haven't had time to play around with it much.
    I don't think improving the macros should be any kind of priority. If you manage to get it working in windows then I can just use the macro stuff I've been using

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