Installation of GIMX 0.25 in Ubuntu 11.10

Synaptic has been dropped from Ubuntu 11.10, and is kind of replaced by the Ubuntu Software Center. GIMX tutorials tell to use Synaptic to add ‘universe’ to the software sources, that’s why they need to be updated. It’s possible to add ‘universe’ to the software sources with the Ubuntu Software Center, but it appears that there is a bug that prevents software sources to be refreshed in case a Live CD/USB is used. A work-around is to type “sudo apt-get update” in a terminal.

GIMX 0.25 installation in Ubuntu 11.10

Some more videos by McKack!

Many people might remember the first video showing the sixaxis emulator in action. It was made by McKack with sixemu v0.11 (Linux+bluetooth).

McKack has made some new videos with the sixemu v0.23 (Linux+bluetooth):

Infamous, Wii Classic Controller

inFAMOUS, Wii Classic Controller - Sixaxis Emulator v0.23

Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Keyboard + Mouse

CoD: Black Ops - Nuketown - Sixaxis Emulator v0.23

CoD: Black Ops - Kowloon - Sixaxis Emulator v0.23

Thanks McKack!

I added these videos to the “Videos” page of this blog. If you make some videos like that, please give me the links so that I can add them!