The 360 controller spoof works in Windows

I made the 360 spoof work in Windows 🙂

It requires to replace the stock 360 controller driver with the libusbk driver (winusb and libusb-win32 do not work).
This can easily be done using Zadig.

I built beta versions of the software and firmwares:

  • GIMX setup
  • firmwares

(files removed since GIMX 1.10 is out)
This software cannot be used with older firmwares, and these firmwares cannot be used with older softwares!


Test package for Duke Nukem Forever

Instead of using the left stick state to compute movement (the standard way), DNF is using events.

As a result, there is no more movement if the left stick is kept in a position. This is due to the fact that the sixaxis emulator doesn’t flood the PS3 with useless events like a real sixaxis. If there is nothing to send, an event is only sent after 1s so as to keep the connection alive…

I built a test package for DNF players: link (i386).