Fundraising for GIMX PS4 / Xbox One support

As I can’t afford buying both the PS4 and the Xbox One, I started a fundraising for GIMX PS4 / Xbox One support.
The initial goal will be to build two firmwares for the DIY USB adapter, one for the PS4, and the other for the Xbox One.
Bluetooth support for the PS4 will be optional.
If you want to donate you can click on the links below:

UPDATE 2015-04-21:

I bought a second-hand Xbox One for 300€, so I’m updating the funding goal for the Xbox One. Xbox One support should land in GIMX 4.0, which I’ll try to release before the end of the month. Please keep donating to reach the funding goal!

UPDATE 2014-07-29:

I’m updating the funding goal for the Xbox One since there is a cheaper bundle with no Kinect.

UPDATE 2014-01-08:

I received my PS4 earlier than expected 🙂

UPDATE 2014-01-03:

I canceled my order and bought a PS4 Killzone pack that I should receive on 01/13/2014.

UPDATE 2013-11-30:

I ordered a PS4 on Amazon. I have no precise delivery date. Amazon is saying “not before January”.

UPDATE 2013-11-25:

Bad news: according to the developer of the USBXlater and the developer of the XIM, the PS4 isn’t taking inputs from USB devices. Since I will not be able to make GIMX talk to the PS4 over USB, I will try over bluetooth.

I will not be able to reach the initial goal which was to build a firmware for the DIY USB adapter. If you are an early fundraiser (i.e. you donated before today – 2013-11-25), you can ask for a refund within two weeks (you should receive a mail from me later today).