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  1. Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been working on T300RSPS4, there is a firmware, how is it going?
    I am planning to probably buy G29, and wouldn’t mind helping out getting wheels FFB working.

    1. Hi,
      Controls are working (wheel, pedals, buttons).
      The FFB transfers are transfered to the PC through the USB adapter, but they are not handled yet.

      1. Nice, so you can use G27 through PC atm? It still requires DS4 to be plugged in constantly right? That’s were I have a bit of trouble with your tool since I don’t think I have proper BT dongle (ASUS BT400). I think CronusMax dongle handles authentication wired and wireless. So since you’ve got firmware for a wheel on PS4, it makes more sense for me to get XB1 native wheel so I could build firmware for that.
        Also I’ve got 2 Arduinos and USB host shield so I am also looking into making PC free solution for the wheels.

          1. Tried it last night, so tried x86 version on Windows, and DS4 was detected for authentication (x64 doesn’t work, says no controller on USB buses). For some reason there was no output on firmware side, but terminal showed button presses being sent. However, there was around 1 second delay between pressing a button and it showing up in GIMX terminal. maybe my USB2Serial converter is too slow?
            I will try DS4 firmware for comparison later today.

          2. I’m doing my development on GNU/Linux first, and I can’t tell if the Windows version works with the EMUT300RS firmware. Your USB to serial adapter is most probably fine. Please start a thread in the dev section of the forum, it’s more convenient than blog comments!

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