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[spoiler]Warning: this tutorial is updated frequently. Don’t copy it. Link to it.

Please note that I don’t give support for anything else than Ubuntu running in a non-virtualized machine.


This tutorial explains how to control a PS3 with PC peripherals (keyboards, mice, joysticks) plugged on a PC running Linux and using a bluetooth dongle.

This is possible thanks to the early work of Jim Paris.

I applied many modifications to its source code, developed a GUI to make the launch and the configuration easier, and simplified the installation steps for debian-based Linux distros such as Ubuntu.

If you want to see how well this works, have a look at this video made byMcKack (version 0.11):

PS3 games with keyboard & mouse - Sixaxis Emulator v0.11


  • a sixaxis already used with the target PS3
  • a bluetooth dongle with a chip that can have its bdaddr (bluetooth device address) changed. Just perform the tutorial to discover if your dongle works.


Do it at your own risk. I’m not responsible for any damage you can cause to your PS3 or PC.

Some cheap (a few $) CSR Bluecore4 dongles on ebay are reported to work. Bluecore4 is the first CSR bluecore chip that implements EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), so that the keywords to look for are CSR and EDR. Warning: most of these dongle are counterfeits! Please note that I’m not responsible for any not working dongle you might buy.

Don’t try to use the sixaxis emulator and the sixaxis at the same time, and restore the bdaddr of the dongle if you don’t use it with the sixaxis emulator anymore.

This tutorial was written running ubuntu from a live usb disk (nothing is saved on the hard drive).

Feel free to install ubuntu on your PC! If you have a Windows OS installed, you can read this tutorial if you want to install ubuntu on your hard drive without erasing the Windows OS.

Another way to use the sixaxis emulator is to run it from a Ubuntu Live USB Persistent Flash Drive (read this post).

1 Installation

Add “universe” to your repositories:
– Clic System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager.
– Clic Settings>Repositories.
– Select universe, close.
– Clic reload, close.

Download following file:

Install it (double clic, then install).

2 Quick start

Plug your sixaxis (and the bt dongle, if external) to your PC.
Launch sixemugui (shortcut: Applications>Game>Sixemugui).

  1. Select the sixaxis
  2. Select the bt dongle
  3. Set the dongle address (don’t forget to write the old one down)
  4. Re-select the sixaxis and the bt dongle
  5. Unplug your sixaxis and if it doesn’t power off by itself, press the PS3 button until it powers off
  6. Select emuclient parameters
  7. Select the configuration file to use
  8. Start emu (emuclient starts automatically if the connection is established)
  9. Play (press Escape to quit emuclient)
  10. Stop emu

Note: File>Save lets you save the sixaxis and PS3 addresses so that you don’t require to plug the sixaxis anymore after that.

3 Custom mappings for mouse, keyboard and joysticks

It is recommended to change the mappings and to calibrate the mouse for each game.

Configuration files have to be saved into the ~/.emuclient/config directory (~ is the home directory).

Launch sixemuconf (shortcut: Applications>Game>Sixemuconf).

Screenshots of my configuration for COD: Black Ops:

It’s possible to define a configuration for aiming: copy-paste the configuration #1 to configuration #2, define the right mouse clic as configuration #2 trigger with switch back, and adjust the mouse multipliers & exponents.

Items of the “Edit” menu that allow to convert a configuration:

The “Replace Mouse” item allows to change the mouse name and id.
The “Replace Keyboard” item allows to change the keyboard name and id.
The “Replace Mouse DPI” item allows to adjust the mouse multipliers according to old/new dpi values (the higher the better).

Stick intensity control for button to stick mappings:

See this post for more details about this functionnality: link.

4 Mouse calibration mode

Before calibrating the mouse, be sure to set the in-game sensitivity to the highest, and be sure to set the mouse dpi to the highest value.

To start emuclient with the mouse calibration mode enabled, select Mouse>Calibrate in the sixemugui application. Then start emuclient.

Current mouse calibration values appear in the “Mouse calibration” part of the gui.

This calibration mode lets you calibrate each mouse independently. It reads values from the loaded configuration. To change values, use rctrl+FX key combinations and use the mouse wheel.

The dead zone value has to be set to the highest stable position.
Different dead zones for x & y only makes sense for a “rectangle” dead zone shape.
The dead zone shape has to be set to the most stable one.

5 Keyboard macros

It’s possible to configure keyboard macros.

A key press will generate a series of events, with timing conditions.

Commands are the following:
– key down
– key up
– key press (= key down + delay + key up)
– delay (unit = ms)

Each macro has to be defined in a file saved into the ~/.emuclient/macros directory (~ is the home directory, .emuclient folder is hidden).

Example: macro_example.txt

#Defines the action that triggers the macro execution
#Performs a keystroke (key down + delay 50ms + key up)
#Sleep 50ms
#Perform a key down
#Sleep 50ms (minimum delay between KEYDOWN and KEYUP)
#Perform a key up

Lines beginning with # are comments.

All keys of the keyboard can trigger a macro. The complete list can be found in conversion.c.

6 Troubleshooting / Feedback

I’m sharing my project for free, so please give me a feedback.

Tell me if it works or doesn’t work, and especially add the following details:

  • the Linux distribution
  • the PS3 hardware version (slim, fat 40Gb, fat 60Gb, …)
  • the PS3 firmware version
  • the bluetooth dongle (exact model + revision if there is one + output of commands “hciconfig -a hci0” and “sudo hciconfig hci0 revision” in a terminal)
  • the hardware of the PC (at least the CPU and the amount of RAM)

Report that in commentary to this post.

And if it doesn’t work, first verify if you have the latest packages. Then look at the FAQ and the bug list, see if your problems are already known, and if it’s not, report them.

If you want to contribute to this project, have a look at this page.
Paypal donation links are on the top right corner of this page.[/spoiler]

318 Replies to “English tutorial”

  1. Exist one bug:
    the emuclient trunc 8 char in /home/[user]
    for example:
    my user is spettacolo
    when i run emuclient don't find the
    and the correct folder is

    Please correct this bug and reduce the size of the window black for trap the key.
    I use it for play remotely ps3 with video acquiring and VNC. The video i see with VideoLAN.

  2. The problem is that when the emuclient running the mouse hidden and the black window hide the VideoLAN window that viewing a PS3 via video cable. I don't maximixe VideoLAN window.
    Excuse me for by bad english!

  3. I know a trick that forces the emuclient to release the mouse, so that you can move/reduce the window: launch a screen capture with a timeout, launch the emulator, and wait the timeout fires 😀 That will make the emuclient release the mouse. Then, move/resize the black window, and clic into the black zone so that the mouse is captured again.

    If the emulator can run on the top of a full-screen vlc, that should solve your problem.

    To avoid having to use this work-around, I can make the emuclient wait a few seconds at startup before it captures the mouse, or better, make specific key combinations to release/capture the mouse.

  4. Thanks for the tip!
    Why after minutes of inactivity the emulator disconnect?
    I try to press PS button (like SixAxis) but not reconnect.
    In real SixAxis, after every minutes of inactivity the controller power off but when i press PS button reconnect.
    In SixAxis emulator after inactivity disconnect and not reconnect. Only solution is disconnect emu and emuclient and reconnect it! 🙁
    Is possible implemented the reconnection with PS button (like real sixaxis) or not disconnect after every minutes of inactivity??
    Very very thanks! 😉

  5. The emulator is not supposed to disconnect until it stops. Auto power off is useless to the emulator since it's for battery saving.

    Are you sure that it is caused by the inactivity?
    Does it disconnect in other cases?
    Is there any error message displayed in the emu terminal?
    What is the distance between your PS3 and your PC, and what is the class of your bt dongle?

  6. The class is EDR, the distance is 50cm 🙂
    I think the problem is inactivity but is possible that the problem is other!
    I use emu and emuclient with Virtual Box on Windows7.
    The BT dongle is correctly recognize to VirtualBox.
    No error in emu terminal when the emu not found! 🙁
    You try 10-20 min of inactivity?? Found emu after?

  7. EDR is not a class. Class is usually 1 or 2, but this is not relevant for 50cm.

    I will test a long period of inactivity and see if I can reproduce this problem.

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  8. I see if i restart only emuclient after inactivity, not found.
    When the sixaxis emulator disconnected, i restart both, emuclient and emu! In this case found! I'm wait your feedback!
    I use much your sixaxis emulator! 😉

  9. I'm curious about your way to play 😀
    What game(s) do you play?
    Isn't there some lag with Virtualbox?
    How do you capture the ps3 video?

  10. Excellent project but I do have a problem. I get all the way to starting emuclient but get cannot connect to ports messages.

    I'm running ubuntu 10.10 in vmware player on a windows 7 host. All the re-addressing works and when I run sudo emu xx.xx.xx.xx.xx etc the PS3 does turn on. When I start the client I get the following messages and no amount of keystrokes raise a response from the ps3.

    user@ubuntu:~$ emuclient
    Please choose the config file to load:
    0 – empty.xml
    1 – CallOfDuty:BlackOps.xml
    2 – sixaxis.xml
    Selected config file: sixaxis.xml
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21314: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21315: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21316: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21317: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21318: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21319: Connection refused

    Any thoughts?

  11. The sixaxis wasnt connected to the PC.

    I tried building my own config as you suggested and it does work now. Excellent.

    It works exactly as the tutorial, even from a virtualized environment. I'll try using it for an extended period of time now and report back.

  12. Just out of curiosity, does the on screen keyboard that comes with ubuntu work with the emulator client? Because if it does, that would be a great start for me and the other disabled gamer who posted on this blog.

  13. It works, but only if the emuclient does not capture the mouse.

    I tested that thanks to the Issue 23 enhancement, which allows to make the emuclient release the mouse pointer.

    It's possible to make the emuclient not to capture the mouse pointer at startup.

  14. Wow, that's good to hear it works! If you can include the steps on how to make the emu client not capture the mouse pointer at start up, that would be great. Now all that we need is a voice recognition program that will work with the on screen keyboard and we would be set! Again, I appreciate your hard work.

  15. hey ive been following your development for a while now and would really like to try it out… however im confused as to how to know what dongles can have the bdaddr changed… i talked with some ubuntu users in IRC and they reccomended this dongle… http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.754 from what it shows, can it be used? or how can I know? thx in advance!

  16. In the tutorial, I suggest CSR bluecore 4 dongles, because none of them were reported not working. Many dongles out there are CSR bluecore 4, but it's impossible to know, unless specified. Some sellers on ebay advertise the chip contained in the dongles they are selling (but they are sometimes wrong). I can't tell if the dongle your linked at is a good one.

  17. Ah ok, I'll do some research and once I find a working dongle I will most definitely share… Thank you for your quick reply, also is there any way to utilize this process through USB cable? Would the Ps3 still read the emulator as a sixaxis? Or does it HAVE to be bluetooth?

  18. It's possible to make a usb "device to device" cable, but this requires some hardware (two teensy for ex), which will cost more than buying a bt dongle, and some software too.
    If you are not in a hurry, ebay is a good option. I suggest this research.

  19. Hi! I tried to write sudo sixaddr in terminal. But it unly shows: sudo: unable to execute /usr/bin/sixaddr: No such file or directory

    But i have checked in the folders, and there is a file called sixaddr ? :S So whats wrong?

  20. Well! Now i have figured out the problem with sudo sixaddr. And my configuration works well, playing Black Ops on ps3. But the mouse hangs/laggs alot while playing. Any solutions? My keyboard configuration works well tho…

  21. Hi,

    Lags may have several causes:

    – the bt connection is weak (what is the bt version, what is the dongle class, and what is the distance?)

    – the system itself lags (don't run from a virtual machine, close all other applications like firefox, …)

    the dongle is not compatible (try another dongle)

    There are no amd64 packages yet, but I planned to make some (if I have enough time).

  22. @Monica, Stefano

    I ran the sixaxis emulator over a whole night and there was no disconnection.

    Is there any error message displayed in the emu process terminal?

  23. No message into emu process terminal.
    Is possible that the power save of Virtual Box, disable the usb after inactivity?
    Have you an idea for deactivate it?

  24. Strange… :S The range is about 1 meter, and my computer is actually pretty fast. I have a billiolton bluetooth adapter. and i have no problem connecting or anything… every of my keys and settings in black ops work fine. Exept the huge lagg. What can i do?

  25. Quote from part 7:

    the bluetooth dongle (exact model + revision if there is one + output of commands "hciconfig -a hci0" and "sudo hciconfig hci0 revision" in a terminal)

  26. hi there, I'm also looking at a new Bluetooth dongle since the one I have is outdated. The one that is available closest to me is the IOGEAR Bluetooth 2.1 USB Micro Adapter. It supports enhanced data rate. No mention on the chip inside though. I think it should work. The model is GBU421.

    After looking into the voice control options in Linux like you did, I found something interesting. For people who own Dragon naturally speaking like myself, there is a way to make it work with the emulator client using wine and a program called platypus. What platypus does is turn voice command into keystrokes. So, if I were to set Dragon to spell mode, I should simply say keyboard keys and it would turn that into keyboard keystrokes that the emulator client would read.

    I know that that is not something that would work for you and others because it doesn't run natively on Linux. But as a temporary solution for us who could benefit from it, it might work.

    As a Linux newbie, this might take me a while to get up and running. So I will test it out and see how it works.

  27. I`m amazed I actually got this to work. I`m using a Mac Mini (late 2009 model) with Ubuntu installed to a USB Flash drive (as per your instructions) People may also be interested to know that the internal bluetooth of the Mac Mini actually works with this method.

    The only problem I have though, for example with Black Ops, is that whenever I move too quickly in one direction, then the other (for example tap A quickly then hold D) I stop moving completely and have to let go of the key I`m pressing before it responds again. I don`t know if this is a limitation of the game or what`s happening.

  28. Good to know!

    The problem you are referring to is issue 15.

    The problem is that the emulator only reacts to events (key down, key up), and does not remember the state of the keys.

  29. Ok, thanks for the quick response.

    By the way, is there a way I can visualize the curves I set up under the mouse to axis assignment, perhaps input the multiplier and exponent values as a formula in some online graph visualizer?
    I'm having a hard time imagining/figuring out what effect multiplier and exponent have (I'm terrible at any kind of advanced math) 🙂

  30. To display the sixaxis state into the emuclient terminal, press lctrl + rctrl.

    The formula is quite simple:

    res=the motion value to be applied to a sixaxis axis (thumbsticks and 'analog' buttons)
    val=the motion value (axis or mouse motion)
    mul=the multiplier (real number, ex 1, 3, 0.008, -2, 2.5, -0.004 …)
    exp=the exponent (real number too)

    I usually use exp=1 so that the formula is:

    If res>0, then res=res+dead_zone.
    If res<0, then res=res-dead_zone.

  31. Correction:


    sign(val) is 1 if res >= 0
    sign(val) is -1 is res < 0

    abs(val) is the absolute value of val

  32. Nice video, thanks a lot for sharing this!
    I also want to make some videos, but I'm still waiting for my capture card from ebay 😀
    Displaying the sixaxis state while playing is not recommended, but it is nice for the showcase.
    I'm going to put it up on both this page and a post on the blog.

  33. Cool!
    Yeah I simply activated it because it adds a bit of awesomeness to the video (and just in case there are any doubters out there) 🙂

    Looking forward to future improvements/updates! And I'll definitely make sure to donate when I get some moolah.

  34. Keep getting this error after turning on the PS3 through bluetooth

    Selected config file: CallOfDuty:BlackOps.xml
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21313: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21314: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21315: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21316: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21317: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21318: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21319: Connection refused
    emuclient: tcpconnect: Connection refused

    No matter what config i choose…. and I tried to build my own with just 2-3 keystrokes recorded.

  35. Well I made my own config and it works now but still throws those messages about not being able to connect.

    I have a question about macros. Is it possible to have a loop inside the macro?

  36. Error messages are not relevant except this one:
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21313: Connection refused

    What's the result of the "sudo emu …" command?

    It's possible to write an infinite loop:

    MACRO F1

    … your macro definition …

    KEY F1

  37. xxxx part of dmesg after connecting the DS3 xxxxx
    [ 909.373331] usb 7-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 2
    [ 909.753500] input: Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.1/usb7/7-1/7-1:1.0/input/input14
    [ 909.754219] sony 0003:054C:0268.0003: input,hiddev96,hidraw1: USB HID v1.11 Joystick [Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller] on usb-0000:00:1d.1-1/input0

    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ bdaddr
    Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation (15)
    Device address: xx:yy:zz:aa:76:69

    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo sixaddr
    Current Bluetooth master: xx:yy:zz:aa:1b:69
    Current Bluetooth Device Address: xx:yy:zz:aa:e9:23

    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo bdaddr xx:yy:zz:aa:e9:23
    Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation (15)
    Device address: xx:yy:zz:aa:76:69
    New BD address: xx:yy:zz:aa:E9:23

    Address changed – Reset device now
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo hciconfig hci0 reset
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ bdaddr
    Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation (15)
    Device address: xx:yy:zz:aa:E9:23

    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo emu xx:yy:zz:aa:1b:69

    Basically sudo emu powers on the PS3 with no error messages. When I run emuclient and select my custom config it pops up the window on the side and on the terminal it shows those can't connect messages eventhough it connects and controls the PS3 fine. But I have upgraded to 0.12 and also emugui 0.1 😀 It is coming out awesome let me tell you.

    Thanks for the tip about the infinite loop 🙂 I felt so dumb when I saw it. It obviously is simple and intuitive and I should not have asked about it in the first place!

    You saved me from getting a teensy or even worse an XIM. Funny I landed here when I was browsing the XIM1 section and someone posted about this over there in the DIY version 2 that is 8 pages long by now.

  38. Hi just a suggestion for the next revision if possible please 🙂

    Launching the emugui, it expects the DS3 to be connected every time and sometimes it is not practical to reconnect it from PS3 to PC and back in my opinion. Can it be modified to let us input the master address and DS3 address manually? then reset the dongle to the DS3 address. I really like that the gui lets you use the mouse because it is in the menu. I hope the command line version did that as well.

    I have written some GT5 macros and I believe my setup is the niftiest as of now haha Also I did not purchase any additional bluetooth dongle. The internal bluetooth of my Dell Latitude E6500 is doing the job.

    Are you accepting donations?

  39. It's something I already planned to add in a next release: the sixemugui could save the ps3 and sixaxis bdaddrs in a config file and reload it at startup.
    You'll find a link for donations at the right top of this page.

  40. Hey matlo.

    I've just tested it, it works pretty fine, but configuring the mouse is pretty hard for me, it stutters a lot, it's not lagging (i still can use the other keys for other commands, but controlling the camera with the mouse gets pretty difficult), i don't understand the formulae (i suck at math), i want to ask you if you are going to code any gui for configuring the mouse in an easier way in the future, because the way it goes right now is confusing, i'm not criticising your work at all, it's awesome, and i'm grateful that you take the time to work on this, it means a lot for a lot of people, me included.

    So, thanks, an good work 🙂

  41. "Only Controller 1 is currently used by the emuclient process."
    i own a fat 40GB PS3 and no six-axis & i wanna try this so i'm gonna borrow one from a friend to do the pairing. curently i play games games thru a dual-PS2 controllers to USB adapter( not PS2toPS3 adapter) and my mine problem is that i don't have PS button to quit games so my only option is to power off/on the PS3. my question is only "Controller 1" can be emulated? cause i wanna still play my games thru the PS2 controllers atached by usb and only use this emulator to emulate the PS button so i can quit games. Can't it be mapped as "Controller 3"??

  42. ok thanks to for the reply. another quick question
    do i have to atach a real sixaxis to the PC everytime i start this emulator or it's done just for initial reading adresses? just to know if there any point in borowing one from my friend because i don't own a six-axis.

  43. ohhh so if i don't really own a sixaxis i can't do much. i thought it records the values of the plugged sixaxis and acts like clone even when it isn't present. too bad, but the progrma is really nice anyway.
    my other option would be "Remote Keyboard" for windows but it only works in VAIOs. The other software : "Remote Play" was "fixed" by some developers to work on non-VAIOs too, unfortunately nobody fixed Remote Keyboard too.

  44. thanks mate. just now i have seen you created issues 33. hope it can be done. my friend will bring me a sixaxis today and i will plug it in and copy the parameters in text document so hopefuly i will be able to use them later when the program will support this.
    can the sixaxis "shake" left-right and up-down be emulated too? would be a nice feature to play Heavy Rain(borrowed the disc from a friend yesterda and wasn't able to get past the bush my teeth scene hehe)

  45. Hey matlo, I have found a working bluetooth dongle but have since been confused as to what you mean about the sixaxis needing to be plugged in. I have the same problem as gigi in which I dont own a sixaxis right now. So I am aware that one is required to remain plugged into the pc doing the emulating. So I had a suggestion to not only fix from having to have a sixaxis controller attached, but, to also implement a way to be able to pair the ps3 with the bluetooth dongle to begin with, where the emulator would already be running and the ps3 could scan for bluetooth devices and pair itself up with the dongle initially. Ultimately getting rid of the need for a sixaxis to be paired before hand… I really like the way of switching the addresses and I am not recommending to do out with that… that can still be a method, but to also have a way that the emulator could respond to the ps3 scanning for devices and pair up as a sixaxis controller by itself. Great work none the less and keep it up! thanks take care

  46. The PS3 can scan for bluetooth devices XMB>Accessories>Manage Bluetooth Devices>Register New Device>Start Scanning. But I guess that doesnt work for controllers… Now that Im thinking about it I dont remember ever putting the sixaxis controller in "pairing mode" like any ol' device… lol, my bad… I cant wait for the dongle to get here to start fraggin! xD

  47. Hi.. This is pretty nice work. I could see Jim's code from the link you have mentioned. Is there any place where you have uploaded your modified source code?

  48. This macro is for the Car Collector Trophy

    #Macro to purchase Karts automatically when cursor is on "Dealership"
    #This is for Car Collector Trophy achieved for having 1000 cars. Hit
    #F11 to trigger the macro. It runs in a infinite loop purchasing 5000cr
    #Karts till you intervene after getting the trophy. Karts are the cheapest
    #"cars" you can buy 🙂
    MACRO F11
    #Enter Dealership and accomodate delays for horns and paint chips
    #Every 10 Karts
    DELAY 3000
    #Sleep For 6 seconds
    DELAY 6000
    #Navigate Menus by going right
    #This will get to Audi
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Citreon
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Ferrari
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Honda
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Jaguar
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Lexus
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Mazda
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Mini
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Pagani
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Shelby
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Tesla
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Volkswagen
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Amuse
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Blitz
    DELAY 50
    #This will get to Gran Turismo
    #This will go inside GT
    #Sleep 5 Seconds
    DELAY 5000
    #Select KART
    #Sleep 5 seconds
    DELAY 5000
    #Select default blue color
    #Sleep 1 second
    DELAY 1000
    #Confirm Selection
    #sleep 18 seconds
    DELAY 18000
    #Select No
    DELAY 1000
    #Sleep 20 seconds
    DELAY 20000
    # Rinse and Repeat
    KEY F11

  49. #Sell those Karts back. Make sure to intervene before
    #it is done with Karts! A good way to have a check just
    #in case, is to change to the car right after the last Kart
    #in your list. But monitor it when it is close to selling the
    #last Karts.
    #Hover over to the Kart at the very top (the most recent one
    #purchased) and hit F12
    MACRO F12
    #Initiates "triangle" and scrolls down all the way to sell it
    # after appropriate delays
    DELAY 1000
    #This will get to "Change Car" in the menu
    DELAY 500
    #This will get to "Tuning" in the menu
    DELAY 500
    #This will get to "Create Thumbnail" in the menu
    DELAY 500
    #This will get to "Demo" in the menu
    DELAY 500
    #This will get to "Favorites" in the menu
    DELAY 500
    #This will get to Sell
    DELAY 100
    #Select to Sell
    DELAY 2000
    DELAY 100
    #Wait for confirmation
    DELAY 2000
    #Confirm Operation Complete
    DELAY 3000
    #Scroll to the next Kart down
    DELAY 100
    #Rinse and Repeat
    KEY F12

  50. #Air of experience trophy for B-spec Bob
    #Assumes you are using an X1 or FGT so that
    #the race starts to finish and back to menu
    #in around 3 mins 15 seconds. The race is the
    #very first race in the Beginner menu, the
    #autumn ring one with 6 laps.
    #Load up the race, move your cursor over to the
    #green icon which starts the race and hit F10.
    MACRO F10
    #Enter the race.
    #Sleep around 3 minutes to complete
    DELAY 195000
    #Perform an X
    #Sleep around 15 seconds
    DELAY 15000
    #Perform an X
    #Sleep around 3 seconds
    DELAY 3000
    #Perform an X
    #Sleep for 5 second
    DELAY 5000
    #Perform a key left
    #Sleep around 3 seconds
    DELAY 3000
    #Perform a key return
    #Sleep around 3 seconds
    DELAY 3000
    # Rinse and Repeat
    KEY F10

  51. With slight modifications you can do auto b-spec or a-spec grinding.

    I wanted to post it in GTPlanet, but those guys throw a fit for this kind of stuff.

    So there you have it 🙂

  52. Hmm.. I keep getting error popup that says, "Cannot open config file. I've booted off Ubuntu 10.1.10 Live CD. Even so, I'm able to reset the mac address. But, when I click emu start button the program hangs, and I see this in terminal:
    connecting with hci1 = 00:21:4F:0E:23:3C to 00:21:4F:3F:2F:6C psm 17

  53. A second note, I see all the config files in the gui drop down, as well as in the /home/ubuntu/.emuclient/config directory. But it still says, "Cannot open config file". FYI, this is on a Macbook running on Ubuntu live CD, as mentioned above.

  54. Hi

    Tried to run the installer but get this error:

    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libwxbase2.8-0 (>=

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance

  55. @snovak
    This is an info message box (no error). This means that you didn't saved the sixaxis and ps3 addresses (so that you need to replug the sixaxis before next launch).

    Did you added the universe repository and reloaded?

  56. My fault, had to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu. Done it, but obviously don't have the right dongle yet, gives an error when you try to set the bdaddr to the sixaxis one.

    Great idea though, thanks. Do you think it would work along with xnee to keep a constant flow of inputs to the PS3?

  57. Trying to see if i can go through the whole Bspec race list. I think xnee will record the button presses more easily than writing a long (long) macro, and I can change the timings to suit. Just seeing if it can be done. Next stage would be to remotely control the PS3 using a camera and weblink. Remote Racing isn't what I was expecting it to be (i.e. tell your ps3 which bspec races to run). Running your ps3 via your home pc controlled by xnee from your laptop, anyone? Just interested in what can be done.

  58. Xnee is a fantastic idea. I wasn't aware of it else would have used it for sure. Knowing about the Macro structure is still important. E.g for car collector macro, every 10 cars you buy, you get a combination of either paint chips or horns or both etc so there is slight delay in the menu to get to dealership after every 10 runs. If you wanted to do that via Xnee, you would have to record a 10 min macro? unless there is a way to modify the macro that Xnee records, so you would do something like this at the beginning without worry about recording for full 10 minutes.

    #Enter Dealership and accomodate delays for horns and paint chips
    #Every 10 Karts
    DELAY 3000
    #Sleep For 6 seconds
    DELAY 6000

    Either way sounds like Xnee is going to be handy. I will upgrade to the latest version today and try it myself.

  59. @ matlo
    I will try another dongle. Just FYI, the one's that I've tried so far are:
    – Belkin Mini Bluetooth Adapter
    – Apple's internal Bluetooth
    Both of which report to be:
    Manufacturer: Broadcom Corp(15)
    Chip Version: select box is blank

    bdaddr does seem to work, however.

  60. I found another dongle that said it was Bluecore3, and it seemed to work, swapping the bdaddr for the sixaxis one, and even said it had connected. Couple of questions:
    – How come the bdaddr seems to have no way of changing it back? I saved the original address, but now I want to change it back I can't see how to. Not a massive problem, as I won't use the dongle for anything else,so it could just keep the sixaxis address, but still.
    – I can't get the emulator to pick up anything other than the 'example' xmls that came with the program. I've done the config, and saved it to the config directory in emuclient, but the program won't pick the file up, hence i can't use my keyboard to control the emulator.

    Any ideas?

  61. It's possible to change the bdaddr back.
    In a terminal: sudo bdaddr ZZ:ZZ:ZZ:ZZ:ZZ:ZZ

    For the config file problem: did you refreshed the GUI?

  62. May have thought of something. The file was originally put in my home/'me'/Documents folder and moved (sudo mv), so the original owner is not root, as are the other xmls. Would that make a difference?

  63. Why did you used sudo with mv? Never use it if it's not required!

    ~/.emuclient/ and the subdirs and files should be owned by 'you' and not by root.

  64. I used sudo because the files were in a read only directory owned by root (wrong, as you say) and the only way to put the file in there was to use root permissions. I'm a bit of a (long term) newbie with Linux, but I didn't think there was any other way to crowbar this in. I'll change the ownership on the directory tonight and check if there's any improvement.


  65. The package installs config file examples in /etc/emuclient.

    There is no way to install them directly into the user directory, because installation is performed by root and the user directory is unknown (and there may be several users on the same pc, so that it's not going to copy files everywhere).

    If a user launches sixemugui or emuclient, but no ~/.emuclient folder exists, then sixemugui or emuclient copies the configuration folder/files from /etc/emuclient to ~/.emuclient.

    I didn't realized that sixemuconf should also do so, I will create a bug for that point.

  66. Just got this thing working with the Bluenext BN01 dongle, absolutely awesome. For some reason, tho, it doesn't respond on the start key (I've got "." mapped to it). Not massively worried, as I'll only need the 'x' and 'b' keys to run the races.

    I unhid the ~/.emuclient folder and stuck the config file in there. Sixemugui picked it up straightaway and worked immediately.

    Thanks Matlo, great piece of software.Just need to get Xnee working now (crashed my laptop when I tried it earlier).

  67. Ok, xnee seems to be a rather un user friendly or unstable package, don't know if it's just me but it just hangs my lappy every time I try to capture things. Lunix07, could you elaborate a little on the macros you produced. Since my first try will only be a small test, I won't worry about long winded scripts. Sorry if this is off your topic Matlo, but it kind of ties in with it.

    Thanks all

  68. For the issue with the "." key: what is the label (event id) that appears in sixemuconf?

    Gnee is supposed to bring some user-friendliness to xnee. I remember having tested it without success.

    Some macros may be found there: link. It's a German forum, but I guess it's not hard to understand what's the purpose of each macro.

  69. Thanks Matlo, I'll get back to you on the event id. I'm going to sound really stupid now, but it wasn't the content of the macros so much, but how you are actually activating/running them? Refer back 5 posts – I'm a bit of a newbie. Sorry if I've completely missed something but I'm not sure how you are telling the pc to run the macros.

  70. No problem, I understand this feature is not enough user-friendly (making it user-friendly is one of my many tasks).

    When you start emuclient, it reads all the files located in ~/.emuclient/macros. So that it knows if a keypress has to trigger a macro.

    Read part 5 carefully, and feel free to ask a question on a specific point.

  71. A-HAH! The penny drops. I've read this and missed the point, so sorry. This is 'your' macro program, yes? Let me get this correct:

    Write Macro (as above but with correct key presses e.g. x & b for cross and circle)
    Put in say F10 to activate, x's and b's with timings. Put in /macros folder.

    Set GT5 to start of race I want, on green flag.

    Start sixemugui, pick my GT5.xml. Start emu > connects > Start emuclient > Hit F10.

    Watch GT5 play itself.

    Does this sound right?

    One question – in your example, what does 'Key e' do?

    Thank you so much, I can't wait to give this a go.

  72. Is the Key e different to a keydown/keyup only in its timing? Also, if I wrote an infinite loop as you suggest earlier, would ESC still release emuclient? So I could leave it running the same macro until I stop it?

    Is there any plan to include pause/resume in the macros, as the emuclient 'takes over' the laptop while it's running. Not a criticism, you've done a fantastic job Matlo, just wondered.

  73. This is what I think would be a generic macro for running races:

    #Defines the action that triggers the macro execution
    MACRO F10
    #Performs 5 keystrokes over 14 min and 30 sec
    #This one is aimed the Bspec 'Like the Wind' race
    #Timings are based on my Formula Gran Turismo
    #Sleep 1s
    DELAY 1000

    #Perform an x key down to start race at the green flag


    DELAY 100

    #Perform a key up

    KEYUP x

    #Sleep 14 min 10s till race ends and credits screen is on

    DELAY 840000

    #Perform an x key down to accept credits


    DELAY 100

    KEYUP x

    DELAY 5000

    #Perform an x key down to accept LV points


    DELAY 100

    KEYUP x

    DELAY 5000

    #Perform a circle key down to leave driver points screen


    DELAY 100

    KEYUP b

    DELAY 5000

    #Perform an x key down to exit driver points screen


    DELAY 100

    KEYUP x

    #Back at green flag, wait 5s, restart macro

    DELAY 5000

    KEY F10

  74. You probably should use KEY instead of KEYDOWN+DELAY+KEYUP. 1 line instead of 3.

    For ex

    KEY e

    is equivalent to

    DELAY 50
    KEYUP e

  75. Just thought I'd let you know, this is working brilliantly. I just 'earned' 1 million credits in 4 hours on GT5. The timings were a little off, and I added another input to finish the race off before all the cars were in, but now it really works excellently. Great stuff Matlo.

  76. Yup looks like you got the gist of it. The macros I wrote have their purpose defined at the top as comments.

    1st Macro is for the Car Collector trophy (1000 cars in garage. It buys Karts from the dealership. I left it running for 6 hours to get the trophy 🙂

    2nd one is selling all those Karts back so you can get 1/3rd of the CRs back.

    3rd is for B-spec Bob Air of Experience trophy (500 wins).

    Yes it all works awesome, thanks to Matlo's project effort. Donate 🙂

  77. Matlo

    Just for feedback, I left my machine running overnight, running a slightly altered version of the macro above. It had run fine previously, but on checking in the morning, the PS3 had 'hung' graphically. The sound still seemed as though racing was going on, but the picture was static and unresponsive. Not saying it was the dongle/software, just telling you for info's sake in case anything similar reported.

    Further question – Do you think that it would be possible to run this on something like a Dell Axim x30, with Linux crowbarred into it, and would you think it could work by attaching the Axim via usb to the PS3? Just a thought, as it ties up my lappy when I want to run it.

    Still working excellently though. I'll donate as soon as I get paid again. Thanks for you help.

  78. There is no usb solution for now.

    A Dell Axim x30 could be probably be used to control the ps3 over bluetooth, but it's probably too much outdated to run the sixaxis emulator as-is.

  79. Rocketfish adapter
    Broadcom 15
    Chip is blank

    To get it to work i must first run these in terminal. sudo hciconfig hci0 reset
    sudo hcitool dev
    sudo blueman-manager

    I am able to start the emulator, see input on the terminal screen but nothing gets to my ps3 160gb model. Am i doing something wrong? I have my controller plugged into my pc, linux via vmware on windows 7 machine.

  80. It should work without these three commands. At which step do you have to run them?

    What message box do you get after starting emu?
    Error box "Connection error" or info box "Connected"?

    Are you able to start emuclient after that?

    What configuration file are you using?

  81. Ok it works without the three commands. I was running them before i started the program. I get the Connected message at that point if my ps3 is off it turns on. Next i try the emuclient with the bad company 2 config. I used terminal output and this is what was in there.

    emuclient: can't connect to port 21314: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21315: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21316: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21317: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21318: Connection refused
    emuclient: can't connect to port 21319: Connection refused
    1299096866.217876 N b0 . …. ? { 00 00 } axis (0,0) (1403,496) acc (0,0,0,0)
    1299096866.228150 N b0 . …. ? { 00 00 } axis (0,0) (-258,-407) acc (0,0,0,0)
    1299096866.238660 N b0 . …. ? { 00 00 } axis (0,0) (0,0) acc (0,0,0,0)
    1299096868.640506 N b0 . …. ? { 00 00 } axis (0,0) (-2124,-193) acc (0,0,0,0)
    1299096868.650917 N b0 . …. ? { 00 00 } axis (0,0) (-113,40) acc (0,0,0,0)
    1299096868.661131 N b0 . …. ? { 00 00 } axis (0,0) (0,0) acc (0,0,0,0)

    Any ideas?

  82. Very strange.

    Could you please do these actions:

    1/ in a terminal, run "sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/usbmon/0u > test.txt" without quotes
    2/ start both emu and emuclient
    3/ perform some user actions (keystrokes, mouse movements)
    4/ stop both emu and emuclient
    5/ stop the command running in the terminal (ctrl+c)
    6/ send me the test.txt file (my mail may be found on my googlecode page).


  83. You are using the sixaxis emulator inside vmware, which I don't recommend at all if you aim to play FPS games with it. Some people use it for the macro functionality, which is fine because it uses less resources and only requires the keyboard.

    If you want to play FPS games, you should try to build a live usb key (which is very easy).

    I may work on virtualization some day but as I didn't tested it yet I won't give any support for now (sorry).

  84. A suggestion to find out where is the problem:
    -> try with a ubuntu live cd or usb, if it doesn't work, try to test/get another dongle
    -> if you get another dongle to work in a live cd or usb, try with virtualization again

  85. Report 1 ———————————————–

    Linux : Ubuntu 10.10 x64
    PS3 : Slim 120Gb (EU)
    PS3 FW : 3.56
    BTi : ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. Broadcom BCM2046 (USB, laptop integrated)
    BT1 : TRENDnet TBW-106UB, version 1.0R
    BT2 : TRENDnet TBW-107UB, version 1.0R
    HW : SONY VAIO VGN-Z21MRN laptop, Core2Duo 2.4GHz, 8Gb DDR3 RAM
    Game : Gran Turismo 5
    EMU : 0.15 (build from sources)
    Status : BT1 – work, BT2 – work, BTi – not tested

    Notes : If Blueman bluetooth manager applet is installed, EMU can connect to PS3 but nothing else work. Solution: uninstall Blueman and restart.

    Report 2 ———————————————–

    Linux 1: Ubuntu 10.10 x64, fresh install
    Linux 2: Ubuntu 10.10 x32, fresh install
    PS3 : Slim 120Gb (EU)
    PS3 FW : 3.56
    BT1 : TRENDnet TBW-106UB, version 1.0R
    BT2 : TRENDnet TBW-107UB, version 1.0R
    HW : Desktop PC, Core2Duo 3.0GHz, 8Gb DDR2 RAM
    Game : Gran Turismo 5
    EMU : 0.15 (for x32 use provided .deb package, for x64 make build from sources)
    Status : BT1 – work, BT2 – work

    Notes : Seems both BT1 and BT2 dongles use the same hardware, but BT2 little cheaper and have more weak antenna

    TBW-106UB ———————————————-

    hci1: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB
    BD Address: 60:38:0E:XX:XX:XX ACL MTU: 310:10 SCO MTU: 64:8
    RX bytes:1018 acl:0 sco:0 events:36 errors:0
    TX bytes:1594 acl:0 sco:0 commands:36 errors:0
    Features: 0xff 0xff 0x8f 0xfe 0x9b 0xff 0x59 0x83
    Packet type: DM1 DM3 DM5 DH1 DH3 DH5 HV1 HV2 HV3
    Link mode: SLAVE ACCEPT
    Name: 'nifty-laptop-0'
    Class: 0x480100
    Service Classes: Capturing, Telephony
    Device Class: Computer, Uncategorized
    HCI Version: 2.1 (0x4) Revision: 0x149c
    LMP Version: 2.1 (0x4) Subversion: 0x149c
    Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio (10)

    TBW-107UB ———————————————-

    hci1: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB
    BD Address: 60:38:0E:XX:XX:XX ACL MTU: 310:10 SCO MTU: 64:8
    RX bytes:1018 acl:0 sco:0 events:36 errors:0
    TX bytes:1594 acl:0 sco:0 commands:36 errors:0
    Features: 0xff 0xff 0x8f 0xfe 0x9b 0xff 0x59 0x83
    Packet type: DM1 DM3 DM5 DH1 DH3 DH5 HV1 HV2 HV3
    Link mode: SLAVE ACCEPT
    Name: 'nifty-laptop-0'
    Class: 0x480100
    Service Classes: Capturing, Telephony
    Device Class: Computer, Uncategorized
    HCI Version: 2.1 (0x4) Revision: 0x149c
    LMP Version: 2.1 (0x4) Subversion: 0x149c
    Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio (10)

  86. Yep, emu connected, emuclient started, led on bluetooth dongle blinks when I press buttons, but no response from PS3.

  87. Dear Sir

    I have founded your great project and I'm very impressed by.
    Unfortunatelly I found some of problem.
    I have downloaded the last version diyps3controller source code.
    Afer compiling it doesn't work with dualshock3 connected through the bluetooth via qtsixad.
    Revision 134 works only with keyboard, but last version doesn't work with any devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick).
    I have had installed precompiled deb package and it works perfectly with sixaxis controller.
    After installing the newest library needed for compile sources I can't install new package because of dependencies (libwxbase2.8-0 (>=
    What svn's version and library is recommened and works fine?


  88. Hey

    This is great software and I can see myself using this alot, but for me I have this problem where keyboard and mouse functions will work, but then after 10 secs it will get jammed on continue-sly shooting or gets jammed on moving to the left or looking down then the emu will crash to the Sixemugui program, and my play station will say Please Reconnect Controller…. any ideas to how to fix this ??

  89. Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

    In the terminal, type "sixemugui" without quotes and press enter.

    Start emu, start emuclient, reproduce the problem, and quit Sixemugui.

    Copy-paste the text output from the terminal into a text file and attach it to the issue.

  90. Hello matlo

    I have updated issue 58 with text file output as you requested, I hope we can work out my problem.

    Thank you.

  91. One more thing when i slightly move, it doesn't feel 100% smooth it feels theres a kinda dead spot if u want to aim slightly to the left or right.. iv played around with the dead zone settings, im not to sure if thats correct, but do you suggest any tips to making it feel better ? Im playing Black ops and using the Black Ops config file provided.


  92. i followed the tutorial but i have a problem installing sixemu_0.15-1_amd64.deb when i doubleclick it i get an error: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libwxbase2.8-0 (>=
    i allready updated ubuntu. what can i do?

  93. I wanted to also say, I am having the same exact problem.

    I installed Ubuntu to a USB drive, I did everything EXACTLY like the tutorial mentioned Above.

    I then installed the Universe option, reloaded and closed.

    Then I tried to install the package and I get:

    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libwxbase2.8-0 (>=

    No matter what I do, I get the error.

  94. Please type the following commands in a terminal:

    uname -a
    sudo apt-cache search libwxbase
    sudo apt-cache search libwxgtk

    and post the results.

  95. hey guys. everything is ok now. i installed ubuntu 10.10, and followed the tutorial. i suggest not to use ubuntu 10.04. thanks for your help

  96. I hope this helps.
    I am trying to build a macro interface so that disabled war veterans can play PS3 games, with missing fingers and limbs.

    Here is the info you asked for.

    administrator@Unknown:~$ uname -a
    Linux Unknown 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
    administrator@Unknown:~$ sudo apt-cache search libwxbase
    [sudo] password for administrator:
    libwxbase2.6-0 – wxBase library (runtime) – non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
    libwxbase2.6-dbg – wxBase library (debug) – non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
    libwxbase2.6-dev – wxBase library (development) – non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
    libwxbase2.8-0 – wxBase library (runtime) – non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
    libwxbase2.8-dbg – wxBase library (debug) – non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
    libwxbase2.8-dev – wxBase library (development) – non-GUI support classes of wxWidgets toolkit
    administrator@Unknown:~$ sudo apt-cache search libwxgtk
    libwxgtk2.6-0 – wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ runtime)
    libwxgtk2.6-dbg – wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ development)
    libwxgtk2.6-dev – wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ development)
    libwxgtk2.8-0 – wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ runtime)
    libwxgtk2.8-dbg – wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ debugging)
    libwxgtk2.8-dev – wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (GTK+ development)

  97. Please type the following commands in a terminal:

    sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-0
    wx-config –version

    and post the results.

  98. I had to make a new name, this blog keeps having sign in errors.

    Just to let you know,I went ahead and decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04. I figured it would make things easier for everyone and that it had to just be outdated libraries. I just got done doing it and I am going to test tonight.

    I had a simple question for you, but it turned into a big question. I hope you don't mind.

    Does your project have a macro capability already built for it?

    I am trying to find a solution for disabled veterans, so that they can play PS3 games, with missing fingers and limbs. I need to be able to Record / Program LONG, specific macros that include button presses AND analog stick movements. I know the button presses are easy to write macros for, but I have no clue on where to start for the analog stick movements.

    Have you already worked on a feature like this for your software?

    If you have, does it include a text like file for the macros, where I can just type out the button presses and the speed of pauses, executions and combined presses?

    Can you "joker" the macros, to specific buttons on a controller? For example, If I push Select + a button, it will run a certain macro command?

    Last but not least, do you HAVE to use a bluetooth dongle? Or can you just run a male to male USB cable from the PC to the PS3?

    I appreciate you taking the time to do this and I am sorry for the long winded questions.

    Thank you.

  99. Ok,

    Updating Ubuntu didn't work either.

    I tried what you said to do, it didn't work either.

    Here is the info you asked for:

    thecyndicate@Unknown:~$ wx-config –version
    The program 'wx-config' can be found in the following packages:
    * libwxbase2.6-dbg
    * libwxbase2.6-dev
    * libwxbase2.8-dbg
    * libwxbase2.8-dev
    * libwxgtk2.6-dbg
    * libwxgtk2.6-dev
    * libwxgtk2.8-dbg
    * libwxgtk2.8-dev

  100. The macro capability is build-in, but there is no recording capability yet.

    You first have to define key-to-button or key-to-axis mappings. Key-to-axis mapping only allows 8 stick positions: up, down, left, right, up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right. Then you have to define keyboard macros as told in the tutorial.

    There is no key combination for macros.

    A bluetooth dongle is required. Male to male cable will never work due to the usb protocol. Two cables with some mico controllers could work.

  101. For the libwx problem, please type the following commands in a terminal:

    sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-dev
    wx-config –version

    and post the results.

  102. Alright, I understand.

    Having the micro-controller is just too much work, when you can just have the dongle.

    I was just wondering if latency could be improved at all by using the cable, but its just too much of a problem.

    So I guess the main issue now, is to get everything working and then I will have to start on making some sort of VERY detailed Macro functions.

    You have already done all of the amazing work, I think its great.

    You are going to open doors for people, that you never really thought about when you made this. So I am just letting you know, many, many people are going to appreciate this.

    The only thing to do now, is to make a more detailed macro function.

    How are you emulating the analog sticks?

    Are you just using the digital values for them, or are you using the variable resistor values from the actual analog hardware inside of the controllers?

    As soon as I get home, I will get on the Ubuntu box and do as you asked and post the results.

    Thank you for your time.

  103. You are right, I wasn't thinking about controllers for disabled gamers the day I started working on the sixaxis emulation, but some people already talked me about it. I already looked for gesture or voice recognition systems that can be used with the sixaxis emulator. I will work on that again sooner or later.

    There is no digital value for analog sticks, each position can be reached with properly configured standard controllers. But as I said in my last comment the macro utility is limited to 8 stick positions.

  104. Yeah, I got what you said about the positions, and I know that the true analog function is not digital, but what I was saying, was that you saying that your macro function only had 8 positions, reminded me of the analog/digital switch on PS2 controllers and I was wondering if you converted it to act the same way, that's all.

    When it comes to disabled people, the way I am approaching it, is to take the controller hardware apart and to modify it based on their needs directly.

    The problem with that, is when you remove a stick, or add a button, you lose game functions.

    The only way to get around that, is with custom macros.

    Since I lack the ability to make complicated long macros with hardware, then the next best thing is the awesome EMU you have built.

    There are games out there where you have to move the stick in a complete circle in order to do things.

    Not only are these games really particular about how you do the circle, but these games will also change the effectiveness of the player based on how perfect these circles are.

    That makes it REALLY hard for a lot of injured people. People I have already made custom hardware for, come back to me, asking me if there is a way I can solve this issue, and I really can't.

    Your software is the 1st REAL chance I might have at solving this issue.

    Trust me, ANYTHING I do with your software, you will be given FULL credit for and I will make sure to give your web address to every single person that benefits from your software.

    In your software, where you track analog movements, do you just track them with + & – coordinates?

    If so, could I not just write a plug in that feed these numbers to your program, and made it think the person was moving the controller like that?

  105. The best way to build a macro tool with complete controls is to use a virtual joystick that is mapped to the emulated sixaxis.

    A good program example using virtual joysticks is QtSixA.

  106. Just to let you know, after updating to Ubuntu 10.10, there was no problem at all with the install. So thanks for your time.

    Now I will be focusing on writing some sort of advanced Macro program to be used with your software and it would be really cool, if you didn't mind helping me out with issues every now and then, or co-authoring it to be included with your package as it is.

    Let me know what you think.

  107. Alright, Consider it done.

    Just a note on what I like to do, I am very meticulous on planning these things, so there is less stress during programming, as well as less time to do it.

    so it might seem like I am dwelling on a particular section of the software for too long, but I just want to make it perfect.

    I appreciate your help and input, this should be a cool project.

  108. Ok. Please note that if you want me to include it in the sixemu package, I demand at least the following things:
    – open-source, GPL license
    – no extra library dependency added (or get my agreement for that)
    I know this may look restrictive, but I want to keep things open and I don't want to add complexity to the package build.

  109. No, that's fine.

    If any of the functions require any other libraries, then we will talk about it and I will let you make a choice on how to deal with it.

    That being said, I think you have pretty much laid all the ground work and foundation for it all. So now, we will just need to make a "game controller" for the computer that pretends to be a physical game controller, when it is really just a macro program. We can just make it a simple plug-in that people can chose to have, turn on, or not.

    Either way, I agree with your policy. We should keep it as simple and clean as possible. I am looking forward to it.

  110. Hello, this is a great program, unfortunately, I am having some difficulty getting it working. Everything works except I can't control the PS3. The the emu starts successfully as does the client, but the PS3 just says that a controller needs to be connected. I do have the regular controller connected to the computer and registered as controller number 1 on the PS3 when I start sixemugui. I can start the PS3 with the emu, but I can't control it. Here is the output of starting sixemugui in a terminal window:
    greg@greg-laptop:~$ sixemugui
    Current Bluetooth master: 8c:7c:b5:ce:44:b2
    Current Bluetooth Device Address: 00:23:06:04:ab:a1

    hci0: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB
    BD Address: 00:23:06:04:AB:A1 ACL MTU: 1021:7 SCO MTU: 64:1
    RX bytes:13227 acl:193 sco:0 events:380 errors:0
    TX bytes:6595 acl:154 sco:0 commands:181 errors:0
    Features: 0xff 0xff 0x8f 0xfe 0x9b 0xff 0x79 0x83
    Packet type: DM1 DM3 DM5 DH1 DH3 DH5 HV1 HV2 HV3
    Link mode: SLAVE ACCEPT
    Name: 'greg-laptop-0'
    Class: 0x000508
    Service Classes: Unspecified
    Device Class: Peripheral, Gamepad
    HCI Version: 2.1 (0x4) Revision: 0x5332
    LMP Version: 2.1 (0x4) Subversion: 0x420e
    Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation (15)

    hci0: Type: BR/EDR Bus: USB
    BD Address: 00:23:06:04:AB:A1 ACL MTU: 1021:7 SCO MTU: 64:1
    Firmware 50.66 / 14

    Can't get device info: No such device

    I am using Ubuntu 10.10 on a Dell D610 laptop and my PS3 is a 300 GB version with 3.6 software on it.

  111. Oops, forgot to include what happens in terminal after I start the emu and the client and then stop the emu and exit the program:

    run as root user to set device class

    connecting with hci0 = 00:23:06:04:AB:A1 to 8C:7C:B5:CE:44:B2 psm 17

    connecting with hci0 = 00:23:06:04:AB:A1 to 8C:7C:B5:CE:44:B2 psm 19


    emu_thread: end
    connected to emu 0
    kill 2315
    emu: no process found



  112. Sorry, I appear to be having some message posting issues. The second post I made should be before the first one as well as should have an "H" to start the first word so that it reads "Hello" instead of "ello"



  113. Are you trying to use your sixaxis AND the sixaxis emulator at the same time?

    Quote from the tutorial:
    "Don't try to use the sixaxis emulator and the sixaxis at the same time[…]."

  114. I have tried to start the emu with the sixaxis controlling the PS3 but that was only in desperation and when the emu starts it removes control from the sixaxis anyway. If I start the PS3 by starting the emu, the PS3 boots up, but then displays "Press the PS button" because it does not see a controller, and if I start the PS3 with another controller, then when I start the emu it disconnects the controller and leaves no controller in its place.

  115. I didn't realized that the bluetooth chip is a broadcom one (Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation (15)). Some are reported not to work. Your bluetooth chip is probably incompatible.

    Do you have any other dongle to test? A dongle to borrow from a friend?

  116. I did originally try a dongle that only says "bluetooth" on the outside and lsusb reports it as: Bus 004 Device 007: ID 1131:1004 Integrated System Solution Corp. Bluetooth Device.
    It has exactly the same results as the ASUS (Broadcom) one. With both dongles I can turn the PS3 on, I just can't control it. If you still think it is the dongles, then I will possibly try to obtain another one from ebay or something.



  117. Just to let you know, as soon as I am done with my current project, I will be starting on the Macro project for disabled people.

    When I am ready to start, I will be sending you a project outline that has everything outlined. I will be waiting on your approval before moving forward. This is your baby and I am going to respect it that way.

  118. Ok, thanks.

    Just to make sure other people understand: I'm not the owner of the source code. The source code is free, it belongs to everyone. I'm just one of the authors. Anyone can read and modify the source code and build his own version, as long as it comply to the GPL license.

    So if it's my baby, I'm sharing it happily. Anyone can duplicate it and fork it.

    The only rules I can define are for people that want me to include some code into my packages, that's all 🙂

  119. Hey I was wondering would this work on a online game for the ps3 called DCUO(dc universe online). In this game there are combos that can can be done via taps and holds on the controller like : tap square twice then hold square(2 seconds). Would this be able to recognize taps and holds on buttons?

  120. noobelite, I think you are wanting a feature like what we are talking about, with the macro capability.

    However, I am not really making the macro for that purpose, but I guess you could use it in that way.

    I just want you to know, with the post going on at ps3hax, that I totally get where you are coming from.

    I have seen like 5 stories on that site alone, where people are trying to take credit for YOUR application. The whole Kinnect thing and all kinds of other garbage.

    I guess I will never understand why people have to pretend they did something they didn't do, or ignore the source of the REAL breakthru and work.

    Like I said before, You have unlimited website space and tools at my website if you want it. Unlimited file storage and anything else you might want.

    On top of that, you will ALWAYS get the credit you deserve when it comes to me posting on this project and whatever I might do with the macro project.

    I am truly appreciative for the work you have done here, as it has saved me God knows how much time on the macro project.

    I am extremely grateful for your efforts.


  121. @noobelite

    The macro feature that is in the current package works fine. But it's not very user friendly, you have to use a text editor and carefully write your macros.


    No offense, but I don't really care about people getting credits for the sixaxis emulator. People are sometime clumsy and they forget to give credits before presenting their work or ideas.

    The main thing I care about is people saying wrong stuff about my work, like saying the app is laggy, or saying the app is hard to get working. This is the only reason I registered to ps3hax.

    As I use google analytics I know exactly what sites are talking about the sixaxis emulator. You will surely understand I like to defend my own work myself.

    A mod of ps3hax said bad stuff about you. He said you created several accounts and used them to thank yourself. I don't know what to think about that. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Just prove us you really are a dev, make the macro editor, and you will get credits for that.

  122. I didn't make any account at all to thank myself. I think he might be talking about when I re-registered my name, using a different font location for my characters.

    They have a serious problem over there, with banning people that don't agree with them 100% on everything. As well as smearing people they don't like.

    Remember, when they post stories about ANY of your projects, they are making money off of that with their ad program. The gets on my nerves, considering they don't post ANY original content.

    I really don't care about that site either, as I re-registered just to deal with the misinformation going on with the supposed Sony attacks, as I had proof there really was no harm to Sony at all, when they were claiming that Sony was being hacked.

    Either way, as far as me being a "dev", I have been programming on computers in some capacity since I was 5 years old. I started out copy source code in 1980's programming magazines.

    I am now a contractor, I build software & hardware for military platforms.

    As far as playstation stuff goes, I am one of the programmers and hardware designers for a piece of PS2 software called "Code Majic".

    I can completely understand what you say about defending your work. I know from personal experience, that people will say negative things, even though the problem they are having is 100% user error/PEBKAC. It's just goes along with what we do.

    Hopefully we will get the macro functions more hammered out and things running smoothly. It's just going to take time.

  123. Yeah, it was a cheat device we had made to extend functions on game like Grand Theft Auto. It ended up blowing up in our faces. When you design things, well I don't know about you, but I tend to focus on the reason I am making it and I don't really think about the other uses for it.

    So we ended up making this ground breaking software that accessed the live ram / iOP processor on the fly, when nothing else did. I actually made the hardware interface for it and had to solder it directly to the iOP on the PS2 Board.

    So we were all really proud of it, it was a lot of hard work and ended up being a great piece of software.

    Then the source code got leaked and people started using it for online games like Socom.

    This awesome device that we had built, ended up becoming a catastrophe.

    It ruined a few games, until I contacted the companies and told them how it was working, so that they could make a fix for their games.

    So while some people think that Code Majic was awesome and that the idea was awesome, the truth was that it was more destructive than anything else.

    I tried to get Sony to work on allowing cheat devices for 1 player games, but to run the online portion of the game in a separate elf/self that could block the hooks for the cheat devices. That way people could have the best of both worlds, without impacting anyone else in a negative way. They did end up using the idea, but they did not allow for a 1 player device aspect of the idea.

    Either way, I am done with that.
    I don't have time to make stuff like that anymore and really, it is too much of a risk to even consider making.

  124. Ok thanks for this clarification.

    I actually care about the bad uses of my work. Some people will probably exploit the macro functionality to cheat while playing against other people. But it's not a big deal because there are good uses and some commercial products provide this functionality.

  125. Well yeah, if all you wanted to do was cheat on games with it, you could buy a macro controller and do that.

    My problem with that, is that I cannot customize them enough to give disabled people full functionality. There just isn't enough memory on those small chips to do it.

    So I am hoping this will be a good first step to solving some of these problems.

  126. Hey M8…it is KillerBug

    I've got everything working, except the macros. I tried 0.15 and the macros only worked for a few lines before quitting. Then I upgraded to 0.20 and the macros don't work at all. Just to be sure, I did a clean 10.10 install with nothing but your app, but still no luck. Any ideas?

    "I tried to get Sony to work on allowing cheat devices for 1 player games, but to run the online portion of the game in a separate elf/self that could block the hooks for the cheat devices. That way people could have the best of both worlds, without impacting anyone else in a negative way. They did end up using the idea, but they did not allow for a 1 player device aspect of the idea."
    LoL…that is sony for you; give them a good idea and they will use it…well, all except for the idea you (and 20,000 other people) gave them!

    BTW…not much fear of people using a controller hack to cheat online; anyone using macros should be easy enough to defeat just by moving to the left about 2 feet. A generic NPC would be harder to kill. I guess some people might use them for trophy hacking…but I don't think amny would bother with it because of that homebrew app that gets the platinum in about 5 minutes.

  127. Hey matlo,

    You have done a nice a work.

    Thank you very much!

    I'm using also the Lunix07 macro for buying fuc**** karts on GT5.

  128. Killerbug, sign up to my site as well and post on the forums. I could use another good beta tester on the macro functions, as long as you give me good feedback about the issues you have.

    That would make the work go MUCH quicker for me.

    My website is:

  129. I read everything, and could not really see anything talking about why the macro function no longer works?

    What is going on matlo?

  130. Nothing bad. It still can work, but it requires to edit the config file in a text editor. I'm not talking about that because I don't want users to make a habit of hand editing the config files.

    The new multiple mouse/keyboard stuff breaks the config compatibility as it introduces names for these devices ('Logitech G500', 'Belkin Belkin n52te'…). The current macro implementation generates keyboard events for the device #0, which is now the virtual keyboard. And there is currently no way to configure stuff for this device.

    I don't want to make quick fixes/releases each time there is a bug, because this is too much time-consuming.

    I'm back to windows for a few days. I'm cleaning the code so as to make sure everything compiles fine in this OS.

    About code portability, I realized something: the macro implementation we talked about is not good considering code portability…

  131. I understand what you are saying. I think your decision is best for the current situation, because getting a bunch of people to hand edit a config file will just end up causing a mass of problems, that will get reported as something else, when it all had to do with the hand editing of the file.

    As far as code portability, in what aspect?
    As long as everything is done very clean, concise and is not tied in to your main code, the functions and references can just be changed as you make updates and improvements. That way it makes ZERO impact on the overall application itself.

  132. The problem is the way the macro tool interfaces to the sixaxis emulator. We were talking about emulating a joystick, but AFAIK there is no such thing in windows.

  133. I was talking about making it for the UBuntu, not Windows. I am not sure if I am getting what you are saying correctly.

    As far as the joystick emulation, I know its not around, it has never been done. Thats the part I want to work on. But it needs to be done, where it has ZERO effect on your updating and fixing your program.

    For example, if it was a Windows program, you could use the API functions to emulate everything, without having ANY effect on your program. You would just hook those functions and send the macros as if it was a physical controller.

    The idea would be to do this in UBuntu, but since I have far less experience, it will take me a while to wrap my head around it.

    I will also try to help you out and make a list of dongles that are here in America that people can buy that will work. The problem is, I am going to have to purchase everyone of them and test them. I am not going to say something does or does not work, without actually testing it.

  134. I think it's better to choose another way, like making the emu process listening for a second connection that can be used by the macro tool. Sockets are very portable. Only a few lines to change in most cases.

    This seems a better idea to me. The user could choose to launch emuclient and/or the macro tool, and emuclient wouldn't have to load any specific config.

    It's a good idea to test dongles, this will help people to buy a proper one 🙂

  135. That sounds good, but we would have to make sure the macro process got priority because if the stick was being touched on the controller in anyway, it could possibly invalidate the macros input.

  136. Just play it man, it's not THAT hard.
    That's the whole point of playing a game, is to beat it LEGIT. What pleasure do you get out of beating it, knowing you used a macro?

    The entire macro software project I am going to be working on, has to do with allowing disabled people to play games as if they were not disabled at all. It's not for cheating.

  137. I guess it's for GT5 B-SPEC, which is an offline mode… it's a typical legit use case for the macros.

    Talking about your macro development, any idea about the release date?

  138. @The Cyndicate — I did complete the challenge with the DS3. I also agree that you must beat it by yourself.

    I'd like to write a macro just for fun and because I think it would be a challenge ;-)Really don't know if the bluetooth connection would respond as fast as my hands. I'll try and let you know.

  139. Nah man, I understand, its all cool.

    It's just the last thing I want to do, is to promote the project as a cheat system, due to my past experience. I understand man, I'm not trying to jump down your throat or anything.

    I just get nervous when people bring something like that up, when I am trying to start a legit project, that's all. =)

    Matlo, man, I have quite a distance to go before anything is done. When I get a base level build going, you will be the 1st that gets it. You can look it over and let me know what you think should be changed. I am always going to be open on it.

    It's going to take me a while, because at work we are building a weapons platform right now and most of my free time is going towards that as well. Then I have to run my website. On top of that, I train and help train other people in MMA and we have a tournament on 07/01/2011 here in Las Vegas. So I have been SWAMPED.

  140. Ok, just be aware that there is nothing preventing me or anyone else to work on that subject. If my bug/enhancement list becomes empty some day, I probably will start enhancing macros myself.

  141. wow, it took FOREVER to update the page and give me the new link, I was wondering what was going on, lol!

    And yeah Matlo, I understand that. That is kind of the point of an open source project.

    That is the reason I wanted to run everything past you, so that whatever work I do, already performs the functions the way you wanted it too to begin with.

    That way, it will eliminate a lot of otherwise repetitious work.

  142. Actually, it is not for B-Spec; the Vettel challenge is an "A-Spec" only time trial…and it is INSANE. I spent about a week trying to beat it and never even got a bronze…if I keep trying, I think I might get a bronze, but that still leaves two prize cars (silver and gold) that I will never see…so I can understand why someone might want to cheat.

    Also, it is an offline-only race (not even a race actually)…and I really don't care if people cheat themselves…but that is exactly the problem. When I get bronze, I will be proud…if I get silver, I will be over the moon, and my head would probably explode if I got gold…and it would mean nothing to me if I did it using a macro (maybe if I wrote the macro myself, that would mean something…but not as much).

    I actually did a bit of an experiment on this subject, using one of the license tests where all you have to do is accelerate and then brake and stop in a specified area…and I found an issue. The races never take the same amount of time to start, even if you play the race 100 times in a row, it will take a different amount of time to start each time. It would require computer vision (or at the very least, some kind of audio trigger) to do correctly.

    All that said, I do think that A-Spec macros for the endurance races are in order; there are two 24-hour races…with my schedule, it would take at least 8 days to beat one of these races…and you can't save in the middle and come back; you have to leave the system on the whole time and you can't play other games.

  143. Well, you could accomplish this with the current design I have down.

    The current idea I am working on, for disabled players, will very accurately allow macros to be made that included analog stick information.

    You should pretty much be able to do ANYTHING you want on Gran Turismo with those functions.

    The problem is, it is going to take me quite a while to finish the project. Like I said before, I am absolutely swamped at the moment in work.

    I will keep everyone updated on the progress as best I can.

    As I mentioned before, it would be better if you signed up to my site and posted your ideas on the subject in the development area. This way I can attach programs, code and anything else directly in to the topics. Anyone can attach anything they like. I have unlimited space, so you can upload anything you want and put it in a post. You can post source code, videos, pictures, really anything to get your idea across, so that I can understand it better.

  144. Does your product include computer vision of some kind? I am having a hard time understanding how anyone could make a macro that works correctly when they can't pin down the timing, or when the variables are essentially infinite (such as an actual race, where the other drivers change, the car is slightly less powerful each time, and computer car "mistakes" are seemingly random). I can see it working with just an audio trigger for the Vittel challenge, as the car does not lose power with repeated attempts, and there are no computer cars to deal with…but I just can't imagine how it would work with an actual race without computer vision.

  145. @The Cyndicate

    I already subscribed to your forum. Start a thread and give me the link.


    No there is no computer vision, I guess people are only using macros for B-SPEC.

  146. matlo, I am going to give you admin status on the forum, so you have access to ALL of the forums. Please be good to my site.

    However, I was talking to Killerbug about signing up, I am sure you have tons of stuff going on and don't have the time to bounce around from site to site checking on things, lol.

    You can use Macros for anything you want, A-Spec included, doesn't mean it will work every time. Like I said, I am not building it for that. It could still be used for that I guess, but there are any number of unknown variables that can cause problems at any time.

    Have you guys seen these new controllers coming out this month? They are 3rd party, but have programmable firmware. You can plug them up into a PC, reprogram them, even calibrate the analog functions, then they connect directly to the PS3, without ANY type of dongle at all. They connect like any normal dual shock controller.

    I have already pre-ordered one, just to see how they work.

    One of them even has SixAxis, Rumble, Turbo, Programs and update-able firmware with a direct blu-tooth connection to the PS3 and I think it is only 35 bucks.

  147. I don't have the time to administrate a forum, so I guess it's useless.

    What the brand/name of this new product?

  148. I don't want you to administrate the forum, God knows I don't really have the time either.

    I am just giving you the Admin status, so that you can see and post in the hidden forums that are admin only.

    The controller I am talking about, is called:
    "Gioteck PS3 HF-2 Bluetooth Wireless Controller"

    Here is a link to the page @ GameStop:

    Here is another controller with similar features, but it has been out for a minute. It has DualShock, SixAxis, Programmable Turbo(s)[Independent], and Programmable Firmware via PC Driver.

    Datel Turbo Fire 2 Bluetooth Controller:

    These are interesting products, But I think they will be even more interesting to rip a part and use some of the components for my devices.

    I am really interested to see how they were able to by-pass the Sony branding check, directly connect the the PS3 without any type of dongle, Have both Rumble & SixAxis, all with a programmable firmware inside the controller.

    This really opens up all kinds of ideas for me.

    Let me know what you think.

  149. Ok, I didn't understood there are hidden parts in your forum.

    These products probably emulate a sixaxis, nothing more. A good question is, does Sony agree with that?

  150. I have no clue if Sony likes it or not.
    The SixAxis is not emulated, they both have the actual sensors inside of the controller.

    Another thing about that Turbo Fire 2 controller, is on Datel's website, they have software you can download, where you can completely reprogram the controller, how ever you want, INCLUDING macros. Looks like you can make them as long as you want & change the turbo speeds to the exact speeds you want.

    Also, take a look at this thing I found.

    It seems to be the hardware version of your software. It is called "PS3 Max Shooter". It allows you to plug in a Keyboard and Mouse as a controller on the PS3, including some direct mods on the unit itself. This could also be interesting to do research on.


    Have you seen this before?

  151. Emulate a sixaxis = make the ps3 think it is a real sixaxis, which means, the same usb vendor and product ids, the same pairing procedure over usb, and the same behavior as a bt device.

    There are many products like the max shooter: xfps, frag fx, fragnstein, eagle eye… Even the xim3 can be wired to a ps3 thanks to an adapter.

    All these product are designed for fps players and have many limitations.

  152. Oh, I got ya.
    I thought you were talking about some sort of software emulation, lol.

    Lost in translation I guess, lol.

    As far as the FPS adapters, I agree.
    The EMU you have put together is far better for what I need to do and it offers far more features for anyone else.

    However, If you wanted just a quick way to use a mouse and keyboard, they look pretty cool.

    I have purchased a few of those controllers.
    When they arrive, I will rip them apart and let you know what I find.

  153. hey can you make it so you can use a male to male usb and connect it to your ps3 instead of needing a bluetooth dongle?

  154. thanks for the quick reply. i unfortunately never bought a usb dev board i just bought a p3go and i also dont have a blue tooth dongle so i guess i need to order one so ill order a blue tooth dongle. thanks for the help.

  155. I simply cannot believe the arrogance & elitist attitude from the "Admins/Moderators" @ PS3Hax.net.

    It really shows you how they do not have a grasp of ANYTHING they talk about or post. They like to pretend & act like they "hack" Playstation consoles, but when you see things like what just transpired on their site, it makes it completely obvious that they really know nothing & just leech off of the people that REALLY do the work & make the effort.

    The admins & moderators over there are the lowest of the low. They copy & paste everyone elses work & try to play it off like they had something to do with it.

    Why do they do this? To make themselves look good & ultimately to make money. They act like you should "happy" they posted your work on their main page, without your permission & they are making MONEY from the copied content due to the giant ADs that hijacks your browser while you are trying to read it.

    I instantly understood why you wanted it removed. This project is so large & complicated that information & instructions change almost on a daily basis. The last thing you need, is outdated instructions & information posted on a website that, look, lets just be honest here, it has a very high ratio of inexperienced people trying to modify or "hack" their console. So outdated instructions will just cause errors when they try to use it, then that will result in them flooding your blog with questions that have already been answered in your current instructions on YOUR website.

    I can't believe they don't get that‼ Add that to the fact that they post your work, copy & paste it verbatim, then make money directly from it. Without them EVER having had to do ANY of the work or even asking the person that did, for any type of permission.

    On top of ALL of that, They didn't seem that interested in posting your work or information when they posted the story about the Microsoft Kinetic being "hacked" & used on the PS3, even though it was YOUR SOFTWARE that made it possible‼

    You add ALL of those things together, then they have the AUDACITY to say,…

    "Most people are great full that we post about their projects, it gets them recognized, it makes people aware of the work that they can do & those people thanks us instead of being rude.

    I have removed the tutorial due to it upsetting you, but to begin with i didn't even need to front page the article, i did it so that people knew of your accomplishment, perhaps that was a mistake"

    Are you kidding me?
    Most people are "grate full"(sic) to have their work posted, without permission, on a site that makes money from that post?

  156. The ONLY people I know of that would be "great full" about that, are people that have just started programming for the 1st time & are happy to see their first major project talked about on anyone's page.

    NEVER would a professional be happy about it at all, simply just for the fact you stated to begin with. It simply is not efficient, since the information changes all of the time. It cause more problems & headaches then it is worth!

    Instead of responding by asking you what you would like done, or how you would like to have it posted,.. They responded by insulting you, judging you & acting like you should be happy that they even "bothered" to acknowledge your work. Like I am sure, that you need THEM, to get people to know about your work.

    As you can tell, I am pretty upset at how they treated you on this issue, as well as how they handled it. It was VERY unprofessional & insulting.

    After all, why couldn't they just post a link directly to your tutorial & say, "Here is a link to the tutorial"? I know why. They make it, so that if anyone searches for your software on a search engine, that their own page might pop up & generate them ad revenue. Makes me sick.

    I apologize for the rant, but I had to let you know that some of us understand your motives.

    The whole thing is just absurd & ridiculous.

  157. guess i have bad luck, tried 2 dongles and neither will let me change the bdadder =/
    TRENDNet TBW-105UB Rv:A1(BTv2.0+EDR)
    Zoom Bluetooth USB 4322(BTv2.1+EDR)

  158. well, got the zoom to come up with Bluecore4 in the chip version slot, still wont change. im guessing its a problem with vmware so ill have to try a livecd/usb attempt, just wont be able to run PSPDisp on ubuntu ><

  159. @TheCyndicate

    Don't be upset, it's the way many websites work: make copies (tutorials, software) and put some ads on the page.

    Don't use vmware.

  160. @matlo, thx thx. it was vmware, havent figured out how to save button settings as my ubuntu liveusb stick doesnt want to show my menu bar(file, edit, help, etc) but the Zoom 4322 bt dongle works just fine. program works great i just have to learn some linux and hope that i can find some way to make this work in vmware. would be nice to control ps3 with my laptop AND use my usb2 vid capture device to display it as well. stupid windows only drivers n such.

    btw, do you have a section dedicated to a list of working or non-working bluetooth dongles?

  161. The menu bar is on the top of the screen…

    Using vmware is not a good idea.

    The usb connection I'm working on will work in windows.

  162. I'm pretty sure if you hunt around, you can find capture drivers for ubuntu.

    You see, the thing is, the latency on a windows machine is going to be horrible, compared to ubuntu.

    I would like to help Matlo and everyone else out by making a comprehensive list of blue-tooth dongles that function properly here in the US, but I just haven't had time to do anything. The old I get, the more work I have to do and the less time I have to do any side projects. I honestly don't know how Matlo finds the time to do everything that he does.


  163. i'm getting a read address after set: ko! error. my dongle has the same ship and manufacturer than the one used in this tutorial.
    I'm using Ubuntu 11.04

  164. Please start a terminal: Application, Accessories, Terminal. Then type sixemugui in this terminal, and hit enter. Retry to set the dongle address. Quit. Copy-Paste everything displayed in the terminal and send it to me.

  165. hello i have a problem in set the adress! it say: read adress after set: ko

    my dongle:

    Manufacturer: Cambridge silicon radio(10)
    Chip Version: BlueCore4-ROM

    what i can do? isnt compatible?

    thanks in advance

  166. @Nicolas
    Please start a terminal: Application, Accessories, Terminal. Then type sixemugui in this terminal, and hit enter. Retry to set the dongle address. Quit. Copy-Paste everything displayed in the terminal and send it to me.

  167. I made a stupid mistake, i wrote the old bt adress down in a tekst editor inside my live cd. But then my system crashed and ofc after the reboot the old ardress was gone… is there any way to get this back?

  168. somehow now when i try it tho, the bluetooth always has the same as the controller :S i have no idea how to change this.

  169. Start a terminal: Application, Accessories, Terminal. Then type:
    sudo bdaddr -i hciX YY:YY:YY:YY:YY:YY
    Replace X with the dongle index, and YY..YY with the new bdaddr. If you are not sure about the dongle index, type bdaddr -i hciX to see the current bdaddr.

  170. When you buy a dongle, you also buy the address.
    You can make up one, but it legally won't be yours. This is not a big deal since there is no big chance that you take the address of one of your neighbors. Do it at your own risk!

  171. i finaly got it to work, normal movement works fine, but when i aim down the sights i can only move realy a little bit. how what value do i change for this?

    thanks in advance

  172. @Roman

    If the buzz controller works as a joystick in linux, then it should be compatible.

    My work is about using peripherals that already are compatible with linux, it's not about making peripherals compatible with linux.

    If someone offers me or lends me a buzz controller, I will be happy to test it with linux 🙂

  173. Matlo thanks for you hard work ! My dream close to come true 🙂 Can you tell me, when i try change address i have an error: read address after set: ko. It's cos my dongle may be cheap china shit or something else ?

    my dongle:
    Manufacturer: Cambridge silicon radio(10)
    Chip Version: BlueCore4-ROM
    I just take this dongle for test, and not sure buy this dongle or not.

    Thanks !

  174. anybody using a 1st gen WoW mouse? im having trouble getting the axis to work, playing cod is like following these lines /\/\/\/. left or right, my head movement looks up then down as i scroll right/left. stupid windows hardware? =/

  175. Only problem I'm having is I updated from 10.10 to 11.04 and I have to manually set the bdaddr because it doesn't like my administrator password after the update. It works fine for installing and updating Ubuntu but this program won't take my admin password since the update.

  176. Dislayer that is the problem I get when I upgraded Ubuntu 11.04 and just have to go to a terminal and do bdaddr as superuser and put in the PS3 controllers address. bdaddr ??:??:??:??:?? then set it back to the original address the same way when done. If it doesn't work that way through the terminal then I think your adapter may not be compatible….

  177. @DISLAYER

    Yes I am able to reproduce this issue. Something changed with Ubuntu 11.04. I'm working on it!

    A work-around it to launch sixemugui from a terminal:

    Application, Accessories, Terminal. Then type sixemugui in this terminal, and hit enter.

  178. can you give any help on configuring a logitech mx518 ?? i seem to be getting small amount of turning then loads of turning all of a sudden.

    I have followed ur tutorials but im not sure i understand what the diffrent values do.

  179. SethPM i don't know why but your way not work for me..
    But what malto say it's work for me great !
    Then type sixemugui in this terminal, this one..

    I make config for all buttons.. but now have problems with y axis of my mouse. It's work like sD say… like following these lines /\/\/\/ but up and down.. Mb mouse config.. try 2 different mouse.. Logitech mx518 and logitech mk250 wirless..

  180. @sD

    Did you carefully read part 4?

    It's mandatory to accurately set the dead zone.

    I will try to make a video showing how to set a configuration from scratch.

  181. matlo i play with dead zone but nothing.. But what strange.. i boot ubuntu in clasic mode without unity and all work perfectly..
    Matlo you doing great job ! Soon i will donate, after salary 🙂 Goodl luck and thanks !

  182. matlo, seriously, the amount of work and dedication you put into this project is astounding. You do it all for free. I really hope Karma is a legit rule of physics, because you deserve to have good things come your way.

    Look at the project I want to do, with controllers for disabled people. I am really excited to get it done, but I haven't even had the time to start on it yet‼ I just don't know how you find all the time to do it.

    Good on you man‼ Without you doing this, I bet you it would have NEVER been done.

    There really needs to be a homebrew developer awards organization, to bring attention to people that do the things that you do.

    I guess we can all dream‼ =]

  183. Works Fine on Live Ubuntu 11.04
    Ps3 Slim 120Gb Latest FW – 3.61
    Bluetooth Dongle – CWBTA12, Cable & Wireless 10M Dongle
    Pc- Pentium 4 2.6Ghz, 768MB Ram, 70Gb HDD,
    Keyboard – Microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard 1.1 with Wireless optical mouse and/or Belkin USB mouse.

    The only issue is that i am not how to calibrate the mouse properly to be used on FPS games, ie Black Ops. Can anyone help please?
    Also whats dead zone, exponent, multiplier? <Plain Talk/Help please?

  184. I would like to send you my socom special forces config. And tell you that every thing seems to be working great in ubuntu 10.10 wubi install. with a trust ultra small bluetooth 2.1 usb adaptor – 25M it cost me £20 from maplins in the uk but you could probaly get it cheaper online.
    i am using a dell keyboard and a logitec mx518 mouse. i was wondering if you could help me fine tune my config file or give a detailed help on how to get 1 to 1 translation working at the same time i would like to be able to turn all the way around with not to many strokes of the mouse. Where should i post my config for you to evaluate?

  185. I've mapped L2 to the right mouse button and when I press it, L2 gets stuck on the activated position. I've already tried two mice but no change. Please help!

  186. Wow, that seems really odd.
    How would the button down api get stuck that way?

    I really need to study up on this stuff.

    It is starting to look like I am NEVER going to have time to even START the modular, macro program portion, much less finish it.

  187. hi! i tried this and the keyboard works just fine, but the mouse lags a bit every time i move it on gui output mode, and if i chose the console output mode it lags like hell!

    Is there something i'm doing wrong? I use ubuntu 11.10 x64 and of course the Sixemu x64.

    I have a Processador Intel® Pentium® T4200 2.00 GHz, 4G Ram, 250 GB Hard-drive, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570 com tecnologia HyperMemory™

  188. For anyone in the US the Targus USB adapter works flawlessly. probably $15 more than ebay, but you know it'll work. Comes up as a "Broadcom Corporation (15)".

    I was having trouble getting the gui to notice any changes in the config files so here's a micro tutorial:

    fresh install of ubuntu 11.04: just download the latest .deb and install it.
    turn on ps3 with controller
    plug controller into pc
    terminal > sudo sixemugui (not recommended I know, but otherwise you deal with a bunch of popups)
    push button to set the address
    unplug controller, hold ps button till it turns off
    uncheck autostart, start emu
    new terminal
    emuclient –config [your config].xml –status | sixstatus


  189. Running as sudo is not recommended AT ALL!

    Running everything as root is a very common beginner mistake. Trust me or not, you are going to have trouble with that, sooner or later.

    The next version will only have 1 popup (per dongle) asking for the root password.

  190. Hello,
    Verry usefull app, instead of using thouse expensi adapters for keyboard that don't work good.
    Anyway, is there any hope to do something similar for Xbox 360? For thouse with JTAG..of course…
    Hanks once again and hope you will suport the app. 🙂

  191. Hello, I have a Razer mouse and I used custom controls with the same mouse exponents and multipliers as Black Ops configs that were part of the emulator. My mouse is very slow in game. What is the simplest way to uncover the numbers to put in my config to play Black Ops smoothly? (Sorry for my Enlish…)

  192. @demi
    A XBox360 controller is something I want to work on. But it's not so easy because it's not bluetooth and there is a security chip in the controllers.

    What config file are you using? What is your exact mouse model?

  193. Yeah, o know that xbox 360 controlers are using a proprietary wi-fi protocol, maybe that what the security cip is performing.
    I hope there can be done tricks to break on through. 🙂
    Good luck!

  194. I made a custom configuration. I just put my Dead Zone 22, Multiplier 0.80 for x and 1.80 for y, and both exponents 2. I took it from the regular Black Ops and Black Ops Win configuration.

    My mouse is the Razer DeathAddder. On my box it says 1800 DPI, 1000Hz, and 16-Bit. (Ubuntu won't let me install drivers for the mouse, the mouse seems to work up to speed, maybe even a little faster)

  195. You have to change the multipliers according to your mouse DPI.

    Use the "Replace Mouse DPI" tool:
    old mouse DPI = 5700 (G500 = my mouse)
    new mouse DPI = 1800 (your mouse)

  196. I tried that. I picked your configuration with the G500 mouse where your multipliers are .80 and .28. I then went under Edit>Replace Mouse DPI and followed your steps. The multipliers didn't change. I tried moving my mouse fast in the Event Catcher and it only closes when I click. I hope you can help 🙂

  197. This will be fixed in the next version.

    Conversion formula:

    new multiplier = old multiplier * (old DPI / new DPI) ^ exponent

  198. Now I see a big improvement, thank you. I think I have comedown to my final problem. It is when I am aiming in sight, I can barely control it. It is very slow movement, when I am not aiming in sight, it seems to be okay.

  199. Quote from part 3:

    "It's possible to define a configuration for aiming: copy-paste the configuration #1 to configuration #2, define the right mouse clic as configuration #2 trigger with switch back, and adjust the mouse multipliers & exponents."

  200. Ok thank you, everything seems to be working good. The only thing I have to do is get perfect is my multipliers so that they can feel perfect for my in-game. I will fool around with the numbers (even if it takes me hours haha). Thanks for the help!

  201. I'm having the folowing error when trying to install sixemu: "Error: Dependency is not satisfable: libbluetooth3". How do I solve this problem?

  202. I have a question not sure what it is but after (some fuss everything claims to connect yet nothing does anything no matter what Xml I use (tried to make my own but it freezes the comp during axis setups) if I try to connect the ps3 controller it goes crazy so I assume it really is connected. I just cant get ANYTHING to happen

  203. I just can't get my Razer Deathadder 3500DPI mouse to be smooth in game. Whatever I try I just get a jerky camera movement.

    Can you help please?

  204. Hi, your program is great, but I've a problem.

    I'm using Kubuntu 11.04 32bit, when I type sixemugui in konsole the process is aborted with this "error":

    In popup window:
    Deleted stale lock file '/home/fez/Sixemugui_fez_Guard'.

    Can't open config file.

    b5eb2000-b5eb3000 rw-p 00006000 08:08 131693 /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libnss_compat-2.13.so
    b5eb3000-b5eb6000 r–s 00000000 08:08 791855 /var/cache/fontconfig/7ef2298fde41cc6eeb7af42e48b7d293-le32d4.cache-3
    b5eb6000-b5ec0000 r–s 00000000 08:07 8955993 /home/fez/.fontconfig/df6607b2e5dad2f0e3794ded795911a6-le32d4.cache-3Aborted

    This happen if I run it with normal user and with sudo…

    If I try to start sixemugui-rs232 the GUI is opened but I can't do nothing, it can't find sixaxis and BT…

    Can you help me? Thank you ^.^

    (sorry for my english, I'm Italian girl and I don't know english good… =( )

  205. Ok, I've solved.

    your sofware have a bug in dependencies list.
    Need gksu but if the OS is QT Based like Kubuntu, gksu isn't autom. installed.

    Add this to dependencies list pls ^.^

  206. I've problem with mouse configuration… Can u make a video with an how to do it?

    When I go in Sixemuconf → Axis tab and press on AUto detect, it detect my keyboard and not my mouse 🙁

  207. Hi Matlo, I really enjoy your work, but I'm having quite an issue here…after some time, the char in black ops starts moving following like the last command, and then disconnect. on terminal appears:
    emu:error on ctrl psm
    cleaning upno more cin: exiting
    kill 15875"
    I'm a newbie on linux, and I don't really know how to fix this. Thank you ^^

  208. Is it a broadcom dongle? Some broadcom dongles are known to disconnect after a while… This seems to be hardware- or OS-related. If it's a broadcom dongle, try another dongle! If it's not, please open an issue.

  209. Updated: official release is now v0.23.


    I don't want to make a list because it's hard to keep up-to-date.

    Some people are using a BlueNext BN-01 dongle.

  210. What is the delay on using bluetooth? Would this be noticeably faster or slower than a hardware fix like an XFPS? Note the XFPS uses the USB to the PS3 as opposed to bluetooth. Also I have a generic motorolla bluetooth dongle from about 3 years ago, what are the odds of it working? I have a HDD with ubuntu on it I can go grab it to try and leave a report cheers 🙂

  211. 6ms average, 12ms worst case. I don't know what the latency of the xfps. There is a usb alternative. The only way to know if your dongle works is to test it. If you want to test it, I suggest you to update your ubuntu (v11.04 + last updates).

  212. Works fine

    Ubuntu 11.04 (from usb flash)
    Slim 160g
    cfw 3.55 kmew
    Gembird BTD-MINI (CSR BlueCore4)

    in Borderland got some glitch:
    assigned r2(weapon zoom) on right mouse btn
    cause always zoom when pressed.
    assigning r3(meele attack) on right mouse btn works fine o_0
    mouse logitech mx300

    wish list:
    -import/export sixaxis, dongl and ps3 addresses to standalone backup file
    (i can't find where sixemugui save it)
    -open configuration files not only from emuclient/config directory
    -autostart joy emulation option.
    like "sixemu -a -c mk.xml" (run without gui using mk.xml config file)

    tnx for sixemu

  213. I don't understand your problem with the right button to r2 mapping? Zoomed when pressed = same behavior than a sixaxis?

    -The config file for sixemugui is in ~/.sixemugui (hidden file in the home folder).
    -I think that adding an "open menu" to sixemugui is worthless.
    -It's possible to use command-line emu & emuclient so as to autostart the app.

  214. Every thing works when i set it up.

    It just doesn't feel right no matter what setting i set it to.

    If i move my mouse fast, it moves farther on the screen.

    It is not even close to 1 to 1 translation.

    And when you aim down the sights the sensitivity drops so much it is almost impossible to move the mouse.

    I used the settings that are in this tutorial,

    I even have the same mouse and set it to 5700 dpi, 500 poll rate 5 speed and 0 acceleration.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Also turning right is faster than turning left. what is up with that?

    someimes the wasd keys get stuck and act like they are pressed down.

    I really want to make this work, but it just doesn't seem to work.

  215. Please stop complaining that way, it's very irritating.

    What's the game?

    Did you calibrate something (as explained in part 4…)?

    Did you define a second config (as explained in part 3…)?

    There will be a forum very soon. But did you realized that I'm doing this on my free time, and that you don't have anything to pay?

    One last thing, words like "please" and "thanks" are very welcome!

  216. Sorry about that, I'm usually not that irriatated.
    I was just messing around with the settings for 3 hours, so i was kinda frustrated.

    The game is Black ops.

    I didn't calibrate anything yet, but i do have the same mouse as the g500i config that is preloaded in the software.

    It just feels really weird.

    I did not define a 2nd config yet, is that for the aim down sights sensitivity and deadzone?

    The keyboard works perfect, but the mouse still
    feels weird

    Ok so if i move my mouse say one inch it should move 90degrees, no matter how fast or slow i move the mouse.

    But when i have the default black ops config, it seems like if i move my mouse slow one inch it never turns 90degrees, but if i move it fast one inch it goes way more than 90 degrees

    (i am using 1 inch and 90 degrees as an example)

    If you could help me out that would be awesome.

    Thanks for any feedback you give.

  217. Did you set the in-game sensitivity to the highest value?

    CallOfDutyBlackOpsG500i.xml doesn't remove the acceleration (exponent=1 means same acceleration as the game).

    CallOfDutyBlackOpsG500i2.xml should remove the acceleration (exponent=0.39). Please test this one!

  218. Yea, i have the sensitivity set to max.

    Ok i understand how it works now.

    Thanks man, ill try that out when i get home.

    right now I have the exponent set to 1, that is probably what is causing the weird feeling.

    Thanks again.

    One more thing,

    Is the multiplier like the sensitivity that you want to set? or is it something else?

    Oh and what polling rate and speed should i set my g500 in the Logitech Setpoint software?

    I have the dpi to max, and ingame sensitivity to 10 (max)

    Are there any other settings in setpoint i should change?

  219. Yes multiplier=sensitivity and exponent=acceleration.

    I probably should rename this in the GUI.

    The DPI is the only thing you have to set.

  220. Everything Works fine! But i cant calibrate the Mouse, too hard to do it!!!! I have a Sidewinder X8 and a Razer Anansi Keyboard, Does anyone know a good calibration and a good configuration for the keyboard? in game I can move the soldier just aim, shoot, throwing nades, jump, crouch! Thats All!!!! Please any help!!!….


  221. Hi, I got everthing working except the aming part. I don’t understand what needs to be done in part 3 of the tutorial. Your help would be greatly appricated.
    Part 3
    “It’s possible to define a configuration for aiming: copy-paste the configuration #1 to configuration #2, define the right mouse clic as configuration #2 trigger with switch back, and adjust the mouse multipliers & exponents.”

  222. Ok just figured out that in the newer version of the emulator the configuration is renamed profile so I copied the profile 1 too profile 2 and on the overall tab for profile 2 I set the right mouse click as the trigger. Is this correct? so as soon as i let go the right mouse button it will switch back to profile1?


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