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  1. Hi Matlo..

    I have been using GIMX for a few years. Thanx for a great software..
    But can you please add “-start” command to windows version of launcher?

    I really need to autostart it from my old EEEBOX not connected to montor/TV.
    Command line and shortcut to GIMX.exe is not working well. It starts but does not detect PS button all the time.. I have to use TeamViewer to close it and manually start launcher to make it work again. So I think launcher will work better 🙂

    Thanx in advance.

  2. I got the execute command on shortcut on keybord to run GIMX.bat I created and it is working fine. The problem is that sometimes windows is not putting the new “grab” windows on top and the input is not working. Then I have to log in via TeamViewer to close the GIMX window and run launcher.

    Other thimes it is working fine as it should. And when it works, it works perfect 🙂

    I also noticed that when I use launcher it is working every time.
    That is why it would be great to have -start command in launcher.exe to execute it from a shortcut or command line..

    For example:
    C:\Program Files\GIMX\gimx-launcher.exe -start

    ..to automaticly start GIMX from launcher when launcher runs.

    Anyway, marry christmas and Happy new year 🙂

    1. Thanks and seasons greatings!

      I need to know the command that is executed by your GIMX.bat script so as to try to reproduce the issue. gimx-launcher is a user interface, not a command line tool.

  3. BAT command is a normal one that launcher uses:
    C:\Program Files\GIMX\gimx.exe -p COM1 -c PS4.xml –subpos –force

    Remember that I am using it without monitor and mouse clicks. I execute the BAT file from my Razer Nostromo that has a button assinged for execution. It is working fine almost all the time, but some thimes windows is putting gimx windows in background and then I can not use it until I log in and close it all and run the launcher.

    I know launcher is not a CMD tool, but it is easy to add “AutoStart” function, shortcut button. Or make start button active and sellected then I can just press space to “click” it.

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