GIMX 6.8

This release brings improvements to the GUIs:

  • A link to mouse calibration documentation is displayed when binding a mouse axis (gimx-config).
  • Default axis translation parameters have more consistent values (gimx-config).
  • A progress bar is now displayed when updating or downloading configurations (gimx-launcher).
  • A firmware loader tool called gimx-loader can be run from the “Help>Update firmware” menu entry in gimx-launcher.
  • When adding or editing a pedal axis binding, joystick correction is automatically added via a calibration step (gimx-config).

More info on the forum: link.

3 Replies to “GIMX 6.8”

  1. Hi, I just want to say thanks for making a great product.

    I just tested out GIMX for the first time, and it worked great using PS4 Pro, Win10 PC and G27 with pedals and shifters. I removed power constraint mode from the USB hub and made sure that gamepad was TURNED OFF before connecting it to PC (I made this error at first, and this caused disconnections after ~5 minutes of play). Everything works great now.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Matlo,

    I’m really impressed by your work but I want to ask you few questions to know if gimx can be used in my project.

    I want to play car simulation games on my Ps4.

    I’ve got two old Racing wheels, one for ps1 and one for ps2 ready to be disassembled. Also some arduinos, a 3d printer, raspberry etc…

    So do you think that I can try to create some HID interface (electronics and software) that will make one of those Racing wheels recognizable by gimx when plugged into a PC and then being capable to act like a g29 with my PS4 ?



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