New skeleton for the configuration GUI

New screen-shots:

As you can see, I divided the main window into panels.
The “Macros” panel is not finished yet.

There are a few changes:

  1. the configuration trigger may only be a button
  2. the device type, device name, device id, event type and event id can be auto-detected
  3. the “button down” and “button up” events will only be available for macros edition
  4. the joystick name is added, so that the joystick identification is easier (for both user and software)

Auto-detection does not work if a joystick is not well calibrated.
The auto-detection is not usable with a sixaxis, because each button generate both axis and button events (for pressure-sensitive buttons).

That’s all for this week.

3 Replies to “New skeleton for the configuration GUI”

  1. this awesome! i have motioninjoy and a working bluetooth dongle working on my computer. also i have xpadder and pinnacle game profiler. my dualshock is already set up. can you please write a guide on what to do next? i would like to try your code. thank you.

  2. Oh boy, I wish i had more time to code for fun! Haha, I was originally planning to code something similar in C#. Looks like your going to beat me to it.

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