Next tasks

After a 1 month break, I want to continue working on the ps3 control.

Here is my task list:

  1. head tracking – test freetrack & estimate portability
  2. “dualshock 3” support – translate rumble to joystick/wheel force feedback (SDL 1.3 required)
  3. motion sensing commands
  4. cross-platform (windows and mac os)
  5. multiple emulators + new usb requests of the 3.50 firmware
  6. make a user manual from the tutorial
  7. other enhancements

The tasks are ordered from the highest to the lowest priority.

Other stuff:

It is now possible to launch homebrew apps onto the ps3. It could be possible to launch an app onto the ps3 emulating a “local” sixaxis and grabbing events from usb input devices.

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  1. Keeping up with what you're doing. As I said, it is very promising. Just think the priorities should be different. For example, getting cross-platform would be my first take. Running all this in linux is not really good for those that don't use it (most of the people).

  2. Thanks for your interest.

    There already are solutions for people that don't have or don't want linux installed on their computer: Virtual Machines and Live USB Persistent Flash Drive (the last one is easier to do and should be better regarding performances, but requires an extra USB flash drive).

    Making the application cross-platform is not an easy task. For mac os, a solution should probably be available in a few weeks (someone got it working, and some time is needed to merge the stuff). And for windows, I'm still looking for a solution for the bluetooth layer (the MS bluetooth stack is weak and I can't imagine using a proprietary stack that would require to buy a specific dongle).

  3. MAJ: The emulator is working great with a Live USB Persistent Flash Drive.
    Instead of writing a user manual, I decided to improve the tutorial (user manual is postponed).

  4. Thanks for writing this, it is really exciting work!

    Have you thought about using the "BD remote" pairing procedure to emulate the BD remote and not just the sixaxis? It would be useful to have the standard "play/stop/subtitle" etc on a PC, so that playback of BluRay/DVDs etc could be controlled from ethernet. The guys at do it in hardware, but I am sure it could be done with your software as well.

    Let me know if you get round doing it!

  5. Yes, I already thought to emulate other bt devices supported by the ps3: the bd remote, the motion controller and the navigation controller (which is probably nothing more than a cut sixaxis).

    It shouldn't be hard to emulate a bd remote with a PC. But I'm sorry to say I probably will not have enough time for that… and not enough interest, as I already have a real bd remote.

  6. Ah, you have one already? I was about to suggest "I could sponsor you to get one" 🙂

    Well, if you have time to have a look at the codes it sends and add them to the software it would really be a great feature for me, as it would make it possible to control playback from virtually anything (such as an iPhone/MythTV etc). It is already possible using the SixAxis emulation, but the remote has more useful buttons (such as subtitle/audio/etc).

    Thanks for writing this awesome piece of software anyway!

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