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  1. Hello from Russia ! The official GIMX adapter is OK !! I’m willing to pay! But >> 1. If the adapter is already programmed. 2. What version of GIMX are really to see it ? 3. GIMX Launcher will steadily work with him. Money in my fist – I’m waiting for an answer. Thanx. ( to my email please )

  2. This is awesome! Love the packaging. I can finally stop making these things, cause the community finally has a good source of adapters! Good luck!

  3. Hello. I dont understand much to this small adapter. If i have (ps3) Driving Force GT and i want to connect to PS4. I have to download some programme from you. And i have to connect the adapter to PS4 and to USB onmy PC and the steering wheel to the another USB in my PC. And i have to start it from the programme ? Thanks for answer (please answer on email if its possible) Thanks!

  4. Am I correct in saying that this device will work right away on my PS4 with my logitech dfgt wheel?

    Or do I need to install software via my pc first?

  5. Very happy to be able to purchase this rather than build it.
    However, can you help me with the setup instructions, as they refer to programming the teensy – is this required ? If so, where is the button to press to enable programming mode?

      1. Thanks so much! I’ve got it working with PS4 now, but need to map the buttons and stop it from disconnecting after about 10 mins but otherwise terrific.

  6. Fantastic solution! This worked for me and I can now use my Fanatec CSW V2 wheel with the PS4 playing GT Sport Beta. It took me about 2 hours of installing drivers, and trying to understand the install instructions, but once I managed to get everything in place it’s now working. Thank you Matlo!

    PS. The only improvement I need to mention is that the install instructions could be a LOT easier to understand for complete beginners.

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