Official GIMX shop!

As of today the official GIMX shop is open. I’ll be selling GIMX adapters for those wanting to buy good-quality pre-assembled ready-to-use adapters. Click on the image below to go to the product page.

GIMX adapter, Pro Micro side

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4 Responses to Official GIMX shop!

  1. Trubin Nikolay says:

    Hello from Russia ! The official GIMX adapter is OK !! I’m willing to pay! But >> 1. If the adapter is already programmed. 2. What version of GIMX are really to see it ? 3. GIMX Launcher will steadily work with him. Money in my fist – I’m waiting for an answer. Thanx. ( to my email please )

  2. Steve Marton says:

    This is awesome! Love the packaging. I can finally stop making these things, cause the community finally has a good source of adapters! Good luck!

  3. Jan Jelinek says:

    Hello. I dont understand much to this small adapter. If i have (ps3) Driving Force GT and i want to connect to PS4. I have to download some programme from you. And i have to connect the adapter to PS4 and to USB onmy PC and the steering wheel to the another USB in my PC. And i have to start it from the programme ? Thanks for answer (please answer on email if its possible) Thanks!

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