Sixaxis emulator: coming functionalities

Yesterday, I wanted to start playing Battelfield Bad Company 2 with the sixaxis emulator.

The great thing with this game is that you can control vehicles including helicopters.

As the sixaxis controls slightly differs from COD MW2, I started to play after doing small changes to the keymap.

Note that the dead zone is 8 for that game. I had to increase – x2 – the multiplier, but this depends on the mouse – mine is a G5 set to the highest sensitivity.

But I quickly saw that the keymap for infantry does not fit to vehicles driving very well.

A great thing to add to the sixaxis emulator is the ability to alter the keymap: a press on a key can change the keymap, so that several keymaps can be used while playing a game. Example: press F9, it emulates a circle button press (=enter into the vehicle) and changes the keymap!

For helicopter driving, there is nothing better than a joystick. I own an old ST200 usb joystick that I’m going to use with the sixaxis emulator!

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