Windows support on its way

After having tested a quick & ugly solution to get the sixaxis emulator work in windows (see last post), I decided to go further.

I already can run the emuclient process – which grabs events from input devices – as a native windows application.

I now want to run the emu process – which sends controls to the PS3 over bluetooth – as a native windows application too.

This task is hard because the windows bluetooth stack doesn’t expose its l2cap layer.

I’m looking for a way to have a l2cap layer access.

The freebt stack could be used (this project seems to be dead).

There also is the btstack project, which is unfortunately not designed for windows. But it contains a great idea: a HCI USB Transport using libusb (not working yet).

I’m thinking to get this HCI transport working…

I’m going to test the freebt driver first. All drivers for all windows versions are available there. It provides access to the HCI layer, so I have to implement the needed l2cap functionalities.

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