Working on a cross-platform configuration GUI

Since a few weeks I’ve been thinking about writing a GUI so as to make the configuration of the sixaxis emulator easier.

Mandatory requirements:

  1. run on Linux, Windows, and OS X
  2. allow the configuration of multiple sixaxis controllers (max=7)
  3. multiple configurations for a single sixaxis controller
  4. automatically detect user inputs (keyboard, mouse, joysticks)
  5. save the configurations in a human-readable format

Optional requirements:

  1. detect bt modules and launch the sixaxis emulator (multiple emu + a single emuclient)
  2. detect sixaxis controllers plugged to the usb bus and allow to change bdaddrs of bt modules

For 1. and 5. mandatory requirements, I chose to use wxwidgets/Codeblocks and XML/libxml.

I will try to make a GUI skeleton before the end of this week, and publish some screen-shots on this blog.

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  1. Excellent Idea … I have followed your progress for a while and now can connect to my PS3. I even installed Ubuntu just to use your emu.

    I am trying the 3 following ideas:
    1. Use a Wiimote to connect via Ubuntu to PS3
    2. Once the PS Move controller is fully working on Ubuntu I want to use it like a Wiimote for games that dont support Move ex. MOH, COD etc
    3. Try and connect a KINECT via Linux drivers so it can be used like a mouse and play games on PS3

    Thanks for you ideas and working solutions.

  2. These ideas already crossed my mind, but I have a huge amount of work and only a few free time.

    1. I don't have a wiimote and it is said that it's less precise than a motion controller, so that I probably will not give it a try.
    2. Do you know if someone released a linux kernel or userland driver for the motion controller? To get it work with the sixaxis emulator, we need it to be detected as a standard joystick. Once we get that, it may be not so hard to get something work quickly.
    3. I'm interested by this device, but it's quite expensive. I will wait it is completely hacked to buy and test it. Moreover, I will not do that until I have enough free time…

  3. Thanks Malto … I understand.

    The PS Move controller drivers are very close as I read on . They already have the navigation controller drivers.

    The Kinect drivers are expected to be released soon.

    I have a PS3, Wii, XBox 360 and a PS2 so I thought I will play with these peripherals.

    Thanks for your effort and appreciate the help.

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