GIMX PS4 support – status 4

GIMX is now able to talk to a PS4 :)

I worked on adding bluetooth proxy capabilities to GIMX. Before connecting to the PS4, GIMX waits for a Dualshock 4 to connect. Then it forwards HID control transfers, and it directly handles SDP and HID interrupt transfers.

I had to solve an issue with the SDP: the DS4 sends a 708-byte service attribute search response, which is larger than the 672-byte outgoing L2CAP MTU. As the Linux kernel rightly refuses to send L2CAP packets larger than the outgoing L2CAP MTU, I had to go to a lower level in the bluetooth stack so as to directly send ACL packets.

I now have to see how to achieve a high packet rate (800 packets per second). It seems a single bluetooth dongle will not be enough to handle twice this packet rate (from the DS4 + to the PS4).

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3 Responses to GIMX PS4 support – status 4

  1. Cody says:

    Nice work Matlo! Keep it up

  2. Mike says:

    Fantastic news.. :-D once this is up and working im getting a ps4, Matlo should be getting a % per console sold due to his GIMX.. ;-)

  3. Been donating from the off for GIMX when i joined the scene. I will most certainly be donating again as soon as its finished. Cant Wait! Keep up the good work Matlo!

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