Beware of CSR counterfeits!

It seems some bt dongles out there are CSR counterfeits.

I suspect most of the cheap CSR-advertised ebay dongles of being CSR counterfeits.

These dongles are advertised as CSR dongles supporting EDR, which means they should contain a CSR bluecore4 chip.

But in fact they contain an ASC (Accel semiconductor) chip named AS3620QA.

What makes them counterfeits:

  1. they all have the same bluetooth address! This means several of these dongles can’t be used in the same area. If you and your neighbor are using the same dongle at the same time, it won’t work, or it will work with many connection errors.
  2. they are using the CSR usb vendor id (0x0A12)

What’s even worst for us is that these dongles can’t have their bdaddr changed!

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