My working dongles

A photo of all my working dongles:

From left to right: Trust (CSR bluecore4-rom), “cheap ebay dongle” (CSR bluecore4-rom), Fujistsu-Siemens FMWBA-101 (CSR bluecore2-ext es2), Com1 (Broadcom), Peabird (CSR bluecore4-rom), Cellink BTA-3000 (CSR bluecore2-ext), and Linksys USBBT100 (CSR bluecore2-ext).

All connected to a Belkin usb hub:

I can get all these dongles working simultaneously with the sixaxis emulator, which means I can emulate 7 sixaxis controllers at the same time 😉

5 Replies to “My working dongles”

  1. Seems to be a broadcom chip according to this link.

    This is consistent with the fact there is no displayed revision.

    No Manufacturer displayed in Sixemugui?

  2. I Have The Smallest BT Dongle On The Left Corner.
    my manufacturer is :Cambridge Silicon Radio (10)
    And My Chip Version Is Bluecore 01a-Rom
    But I'm Not Able To Change My Bluetooth Address And i get "Bluetooth Read After Set:KO!" Error!
    What do I Have to do?
    Where is the problem?
    What Is The Solution?

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