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serialusb – a cheap USB proxy for input devices

In recent weeks, I have been working on serialusb, a cheap USB proxy for input devices. This tool can act as a USB proxy using the well-known DIY USB adapter. Combined with usbmon and wireshark, it allows to generate and inspect … Continue reading

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A Beagleboard xM-based USB sniffer

I bought a Beagleboard xM more than 2 years ago, as I wanted to make it work as a USB sniffer, based on the work of Nicolas Boichat. But at this time I didn’t manage to make it work, as … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 Controller spoofing

GIMX will support the Xbox 360 very soon as I am able to use a genuine 360 controller to authenticate my teensy as a 360 controller! More details at I will try to make a test package ASAP 🙂

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Cheapest usb 2.0 high-speed sniffer?

The beagleboard-xm Some weeks ago I discovered that the beagleboard has both usb 2.0 high-speed host and OTG functionalities. This board can run Linux, so that it’s possible to capture the usb traffic and to visualize it with wireshark. The … Continue reading

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