Cheapest usb 2.0 high-speed sniffer?

beagleboard-xmThe beagleboard-xm

Some weeks ago I discovered that the beagleboard has both usb 2.0 high-speed host and OTG functionalities.

This board can run Linux, so that it’s possible to capture the usb traffic and to visualize it with wireshark.

The following idea came to my mind: using a usb port as a host, and the usb OTG port as a device, the beagleboard may be used as a usb proxy/sniffer.

I then started looking for a usb sniffer running on the beagleboard.

After some researches I found the following project: blog /wiki.

It was written by Nicolas Boichat as a Google Summer of Code 2010 Project.

I bought a beagleboard-xm, and I’m on the way to test this great tool…

2 Replies to “Cheapest usb 2.0 high-speed sniffer?”

  1. That board wold be an amazing tool to use with the xbox controller project.
    Actually it might be an amazing tool for a lot of things.

    Sadly the pice mark makes it not accessible to some of us. An insane 179$ + shipping :S

    How much did you spend for it?

  2. 125€ incl. shipping.

    But I had to pay 40€ customs.

    Considering that a usb 2.0 high speed usb sniffer is about 1000$ (and that low level usb traces are not required), this isn't insane at all. And the board can do a lot of other stuffs: running a usb/wireless sixaxis emulator, a usb xbox controller emulator…

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