Xbox 360 Controller spoofing

GIMX will support the Xbox 360 very soon as I am able to use a genuine 360 controller to authenticate my teensy as a 360 controller!

I will try to make a test package ASAP 🙂

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  1. Hey, stumbled upon this page while looking for some info on controller interfacing. Looks like you are miles ahead in the topics I was looking to explore, and I like what the project is doing! I have a couple questions, can you please shoot me an email? It’s namanm (filler space) at (filer space) gmail dot com.


  2. Looking great! I just got an Xbox 360 to play Halo Reach, and the soon-to-come new Halo with my buddies (since none of them own good computers) but I have been playing competitive PC shooters since I was a kid, and this controller stuff is almost frustrating. 150 bucks for a xim3 is quite a hefty price tag, and the other Xims seem to be so rare they might as well not be existent. I will personally help test out the GNU/Linux, and Windows versions of your software, and submit bugs. Once everything reaches stable, I will certainly support you through a donation for providing a reasonable solution to the problem of getting a mouse & keyboard to work for the Xbox 360.

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