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The first diy project I want to share is a mouse and keyboard to ps3 converter.

The hardware part is made of a usb development board called “Teensy++”:
Teensy++ 2.0
It is available at:

The mouse and the keyboard are directly wired on pins of the Teensy++ (both are ps/2 devices).

The Teensy++ is connected to the ps3 and acts as a standard ps3 usb hid controller.

The software part is mostly code written by Rick for its XBOX360 controller:

Conception steps:
1/ I modified the usb hid keyboard example available at so as to make a usb hid joystick recognized by the ps3.
2/ I transplanted it into Rick’s code.
3/ I wrapped mouse and keyboard buttons to joystick buttons.
4/ I wrapped x and y mouse movements to joystick z and rz axis.
5/ I made some calibration tests to adapt mouse movements to thumbstick movements.

Step 5 is not yet finished, I’m working on improvements.

I will share all hardware and software details as soon as possible. As my controller is working, I currently spend a lot of my free time playing farcry with it 😉

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