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  1. My son is a quadripilegic. His only independence is controlling a mouse emulator using a chin controlled joystick on his wheelchair.

    I’ve got controls working for xbox360/ps3 for him, but I’m at a loss at how I might be able to achieve the same thing for his Wii.

    Any chance you could add Wii support to Gimx, or possibly give me some advice on how to achieve this? I’m a software engineer by trade, but I’ve never done any low level hardware stuff like what you are doing with the BT stack etc..

    1. I can’t add Wii support as I don’t have a Wii.
      There’s a lot of information about the wiimote protocol at http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Wiimote
      You can look at the GIMX source code to see what I’ve done for the PS4 (the most relevant code is in btds4.c).
      The l2cap proxy that I used for the PS3 and the PS4 can also be useful.
      If you want to discuss further, you can send me a mail, I’ll answer your questions as I can.

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