GIMX 5.9

This release is the last one in the 5.x series.
It is the last release to be compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 and its derivatives.
The GIMX 6.x series will be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 and its derivatives (such as Linux Mint 18).

More info on the forum: link.

7 Replies to “GIMX 5.9”

  1. Hey, I want to build the keyboard adapter for my PS4. I have 3 Questions mainly:
    1. Can I use Arduino Uno to build this?
    2. Does it need to remain connected to PC for gameplay?
    3. Can I run the odes on my windows 7 PC?

    Please help me out with this since I am super new to all this.

  2. Is there any chance, that Gimx at Linux can work with DS4 controller without Tensy ? (BT connection)
    I dont see any reason, why I have to use it. But GIMX won´t let me pair my DS4 without Tensy board.


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