One GUI to rule them all

Last WE I started working on issue 19.

The idea is to make a simple GUI that can help the user in steps 2/3/4 of the (new) tutorial.
That means, no more “scary” commands to type in a terminal, and no more typos issues 😀
This also will make my work easier, since it will help people to report their issues.

Hopefully that will make windows users come to the Linux live USB solution…

Now, a few words for people that like technical stuffs and C/C++ programming.
To make my work easier and the code lighter, I’m not using the bluetooth and libusb libraries directly into the GUI app. I’m using a GLIB function called g_spawn_sync that allows to launch a command (bdaddr, hciconfig, sixaddr, emu, emuclient…) and to store the output of that command into a buffer (the output that is usually displayed into the terminal). This buffer is parsed so as to read interesting values (bdaddrs, dongle name, chip version, manufacturer…), which are lastly displayed in the GUI. I admit it is “quick and dirty”, but it works, and it’s time-saving 🙂

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  1. It's already working, but I still have to catch the message from the emu process that says "connected" / "not connected", so that the user knows if it's working or not.

    I also have to generate a package to make the installation easier.

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