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  1. yea, sorry. i just realized that while reading the tutorial. im downloading Ubuntu now. i have 2 questions:
    will running Ubuntu from a cd make the sixaxis emu slower?
    i want to use the sixaxis emu with a ds3 controller, not a mouse/keyboard. can the macro record input from the controller, or do i have to write them myself?

  2. It will not be slower from a live CD, but you will have to perform step 1 each time you want to use the emulator. That's why it is better to use the emulator from a persistent live usb.
    The macros have to be written by hand and only rely on keyboard events. That's a current limitation of this functionality.

  3. ok thanks. ill just wait until you make a package for windows. i hope you make an all-in-one package for installing like motioninjoy.

  4. You should try the Linux stuff. I'm not sure at all I will have the time to develop a clean native application for windows. I think I will try build a small virtual machine.

  5. well i wouldnt use this preogram to use a mouse/keyboard. i want to use my controller only. and be able to trigger macros with a sixaxis.
    is there any way to use your program with xpadder?

  6. Hate the game, but love the six-axis emulator concept. Really exciting seeing this develop, and I'm really looking forward to seeing a more accessible user-interface develop. Brilliant. Keep it up!!

    From a more hippy-fied perspective: Do you think you could get "Flower" playable using the cursor keys and SPACE BAR alone? I'd love to see that in action, and this would open up a game that's highly inaccessible to those who can not physically tilt the controller accurately.

  7. if joy2key works, then xpadder shouldd work too. have you tried xpadder? i didnt think wither of them would work, because i thought the program inherently recognized the controller, so any other program would conflict with it.

  8. Couldn't spot any obvious mouse translation problems.:)
    It would be nice to see a video of drawing circles and tracing objects to see how good the translation is.

  9. @OneSwitch

    Motion sensing commands are not available yet. That's #6 in my toto list.


    Xpadder is a windows app.


    I will make some videos as soon as I have a capture card.

  10. Just want to update you on the experimentation I am doing with Dragon. Unfortunately the Bluetooth dongle I was going to pick up has a broadcomm – ROM chip inside so wasn't sure if it would work and I couldn't try the emulator client.

    Now, I am running Ubuntu 10.10 in virtual box. Out of curiosity, I turned on Dragon in Windows and selected the virtual box window. To my amazement, it was doing full dictation in Firefox with Ubuntu! It also works perfectly with the terminal as well. Apparently, Dragon send the word commands as keyboard keystrokes by default. Again, I know that this is not the ideal solution for voice controls, but for users like myself and Oneswitch, it could be a temporary solution.

    I found someone selling Bluetooth 2.0 CSR + EDR dongles on Amazon.ca since I am based in Ontario, Canada. I sent them an e-mail asking if the chipset is bluecore4 – ROM, so I will wait for their response. Hopefully they are okay and I can finally test the emulator client.

  11. I don't know if you already read this post:

    It is a better solution than running the whole app into a virtual machine that runs linux with a graphical user interface.

    I plan to make this solution available, but I have to compile the new emuclient for windows and to test it heavily.

  12. i thought xpadder worked with linux too. ok so if i used joy2key, setup the controller buttons as keystrokes, then wrote some macros, they should be able to be triggered by the controller, right?
    also, i assume your program correctly recognized analog stick movement and outputs the exact translation?
    off-topic: what captcha do you use? i would like to suggest it to a forum to replace theres. thanks

  13. That should work.
    The sixaxis.xml configuration is supposed to perform this exact translation. There remains some problems with 'analog buttons' values, for buttons that are pressure-sensitive. I will create an issue for that.
    The captcha is provided by blogspot.

  14. Hey, matlo, I just noticed something weird playing around with the sixaxis feedback of the emuclient activated again – the mouse movement is a LOT smoother for some reason(?) Even though the mouse is moving slowly by itself to the right and down if I don't touch anything, it actually seems like a plus to have it activated 🙂

    Also, seeing as it says calibration mode, does that mean we can adjust dead zone, multiplier and exponent real time somehow?

  15. Maybe it introduces a small delay that makes the bluetooth sync better. I'm using a realtime kernel, which probably makes a difference…

    It probably would be a good idea to allow the user to tweak the report rate which is 10ms by default. I already played with that parameter: values lower than 8ms give laggy movements.

    A bad point concerning the sixaxis emulator tutorial is that the default kernel used in Ubuntu doesn't have any realtime capabilities (the timer resolution is 10ms :S), which involves that the report period may vary.

    The calibration mode had other capabilities before the release that came with the new tutorial. This was removed because the app is now theoretically able to handle multiple mice (but the SDL library still doesn't provide this…), and each mouse may have different parameters. I probably should re-enable the old calibration mode for the primary mouse (id 0).

  16. Ah, interesting. Another solution in the future would perhaps also be some kind of smoothing/average algorithm that could be enabled/adjusted in the GUI configuration as well.
    But yes, the old calibration mode would be fun to play around with in the meantime :]

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