The sixaxis emulator configuration GUI is finished!

This configuration GUI is now able to:

  • instantiate a new configuration
  • read a configuration from a file
  • save a configuration into a selected file

Don’t get over excited, there is some remaining work to use this tool with the sixaxis emulator.

The sixaxis emulator has now to read the configuration files produced by the configuration GUI.

I hope to finish that before Saturday. I guess that would be a good Christmas gift!

Installation instructions

sudo apt-get install subversion build-essential libSDL-dev libxml2-dev curl

curl | sudo apt-key add –

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add following 3 lines at the end of the file:

# wxWidgets/wxPython repository at
deb karmic-wx main
deb-src karmic-wx main

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-dbg

svn checkout diyps3controller-read-only

cd diyps3controller-read-only/

make -f sixaxis-emu-gui.cbp.mak release

cd bin/Release/



5 Replies to “The sixaxis emulator configuration GUI is finished!”

  1. Looking forward to trying out the GUI

    Can you share some info regarding the xbox controller project. Like when you think you will start working on it and will u use the beagle board as the backbone of the project? Also I forgot to ask you but what version of the Beagle Board did you order?

    I've became quite interested in it because I'm more of a software guy and the beagle board seems powerful enough to support vagarious software projects. I've noticed that Rev B has the USB Host with 4 ports while Revision C would require the use of a USB HUB for some projects.

    Have a nice Christmas

  2. I aim to use the beagleboard as a usb sniffer, so as to try to emulate the wired xbox 360 controller with a cheap micro controller such as the teensy (and not the beagleboard because it's too expensive/powerful for such a task).

    I'm using the beagleboard-xm. It has an on-board four-port high-speed USB 2.0 hub with 10/100 Ethernet.

    I will begin to share my work as soon as I get the sniffer working.

    Before that, I need to concentrate on making the sixaxis emulator read/use config files.

    Thanks, same to you

  3. Thank you for the GUI, i'm testing it

    But i came along an error with the guide, shouldn't it be "sudo apt-get install curl" instead of "sudo apt-get curl"? And i was always told to use gksudo instead of sudo for graphical programs.

    Thanks for the gui!

  4. Thanks for the feedback.
    I updated the curl installation line.
    The gui doesn't require root privileges, so that there is no need for gksudo or sudo.

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