Tuning mouse movements

There are now two different multipliers: one for horizontal moves, and one for vertical moves.

This is in emuclient.c:


These two values are for Call of Duty: MW2/Black Ops (with in-game sensitivity set to the highest=10), and have to be adapted depending on the game.

Some new code allows to trigger a circular mouse movement, that helps to adjust a 1:1 ratio between vertical moves and horizontal moves.

Press Keypad 0 to enable calibration mode, then press ‘p’ to trigger a circular mouse movement.

If the result is an ellipse and not a circle, this means you have to adjust the multipliers.

Press Keypad 0 again to disable calibration mode.

Note: this post will be deprecated when the configuration tools will be released.

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  1. Because I'm preparing a new release (with configuration files instead of hard-coded stuffs), I indicated a specific revision of the code (which is not the newest) in the tutorial: I added the "-r 134" argument to the svn command line.

    If you want to get the revision that has two different multipliers, just change "-r 134" to "-r 140".

    Or wait I release the new emulator, the configuration tools, and the new tutorial (coming today if I have enough free time).

  2. Works perfect!
    My mouse is a bit lag (Microsoft ARC) and dont have precision in Black OPS. I Will try other mouse!

    Sorry for bad english,
    You do a great work Matio, Thanks a lot!!

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