Some news about the project…

I am on the way to finish the config reader code in the emuclient process…
It seems I underestimated the time needed for that, and overestimated my time available to it 🙁

I will try to release a beta version ASAP. I really hope that will come before the end of the week, but as I wasn’t able to make good predictions, I won’t promise anything. And I want to make the final code generic, as I hope to reuse it for a XBox360 controller. That makes stuffs to be even more complicated.

Note that I probably will modify the tutorial so that it will make the reader use a specific revision of the code corresponding to the last stable version (i.e. without my work on the config stuffs).

I also want to say a few word about the 27C3 presentation on the ‘PS3 Epic Fail’ made by the fail0verflow team. I was very excited to watch the live streaming, and I wasn’t disappointed. That really was epic 😀

Now that the PS3 is completely hacked, it seems it will be possible to play with ANY USB device directly connected to ANY PS3 running ANY firmware. ANY is a keyword I was waiting for. Moreover, it will be possible to do it with custom pup files, which makes the crappy dongle stuffs deprecated. Last but not least, it seems everything will be reversible, so that it will avoid the PS3 to be banned by Sony (reinstalling the official firmware before getting online). This means at least that we will be able to play offline with USB devices directly connected to the PS3. Sony will probably still try to fight against players running custom stuffs and playing online.

It will also be possible to reverse engineer the remote play/keyboard stuffs only available to Sony devices such as the PSP and viao laptops.

I don’t know yet what I will be working on. Before that, I will try to finish my current work.

To summarize, I will not stop the sixaxis emulator development since it’s the only way to play online safely, but I will more than likely try to find some time to run custom stuffs on the PS3.

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