Version 0.23 released

Main improvements:

  • windows version (usb connection only)
  • “set dongle address” tool of sixemugui is fixed
  • “replace mouse dpi” tool of sixemuconf is fixed

All corrected issues:

Download links:

Known issues:

  • [linux] the sixstatus gui generates movement glitches (work-around: use 100Hz or lower for the calibration)
  • [windows] the COM port is not detected (work-around: check the proper COM port in the device manager)
  • [usb] the controller state is wrong (work around: unplug/replug the teensy board)
  • [usb] game compatibility: there are some compatibility issues with games like GT5 and Fallout: New Vegas. These games seem to have compatibility issues with gamepads other than the sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers. Considering game compatibility, it seems the best solution is to emulate a true wired sixaxis/dualshock 3 controller. My first releases won’t do that, and I will work on that later.
  • [usb] buttons can’t work as pressure-sensitive buttons: it’s useless to configure them in the “Axis” tab of Sixemuconf
  • [windows] extra mouse buttons are not working

About the windows port

I got a few issues to solve for the windows port. It turned out the official SDL 1.2 library (cross-platform) isn’t providing raw events from the mouse. No problem, I checked out the manymouse library and built a custom SDL library that provides raw mouse events.

Many people see the sixaxis emulator only as a mouse+keyboard converter. But it does a lot more than that. It also allows to use ANY game controller (gamepad/wheel…) with custom control mappings. It especially allows to use the XBox 360 controllers that work out-of-the-box (except the X button). What about the sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers? I wrote a post about QtSixA some time ago. This software allows to use the sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers in Linux, and can be used with the sixaxis emulator as it emulates a standard game controller. There also is a software that allows to use sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers in windows, it’s called Motioninjoy. It’s not open-source, and there are some ads in the GUI, but it’s free, comes with signed bluetooth drivers, and is very complete: motion sensing (tested – I managed to control the crosshair in COD:BO…), rumble, but also macros and rapid fire…

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  1. Smoking jeebus! I can't wait to get the USB parts and try it out in Windows 😀
    I'm also working on a FAQ-like video right now that I'll have to update with this info 🙂

  2. Hi, Malto. Your work is greatly appreciated and I'm looking forward to further development with the Windows application. May I ask if there is a hiccup that you're coming across with bluetooth on Windows or if you just have not gotten to writing that part, yet?

  3. The MS bt stack is weak and I really don't have the time to develop my own bluetooth driver!

    The usb part was something easy to port.

  4. what about the widdcom or toshiba bluetooth stacks? anyway, good work. ill wait a little longer when you got it sorted out, and have macros!!!

  5. @Derek
    For some reason I don't want to use non-microsoft proprietary bt stacks.

    The usb controller is working.
    There is a link to the installer file.

  6. Ok, ive managed to install and set up my boardbread but when the devices are on and linked windows registers unknown device on USBPDO…
    I'm using a teensy++ 2.0 and the CP2102 all i see in the device manager is "CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller"

  7. ok finaly works on windows too, Had to install the proper drivers >,<
    Now lets see what can i do with this setup, I guess ill just send stuff back to the pc to see how it works.

  8. I'm using win 7 🙂
    It works its all fine now ^_^

    I have a question whats sb_r3 and sb_l3 used for?
    As far as I know the ps3 controller has only 4 buttons "on the top"

  9. So i have a "can I do this" question. I've got a linux box that i can install the server on but i want to actually issue the commands from windows. I have a windows HTPC box that i want to remotely control the ps3, for blu-ray playback. I'm not worried about lag or other performance issues just want the control.

    So can i do this with the current releases and if so how would i go about it:

    Windows Client–IP–>Linux Server–BT—>PS3

    I'm currently using the virtual machine approach and it's pretty sketchy and want something a little more reliable and want to manage everything with the components i have on hand (ie spend no more $$)

  10. It's possible, and I already did something like that. See link.

    This requires to build a custom emu binary for linux and a custom emuclient binary for windows.

  11. Thanks for the link. I've already followed that and have it working (sort of) i was hoping there was a simpler solution using the new builds that don't involve me mucking around with custom builds.

    Thanks for all the hard work you've done, this project is shaping up to be something i've been looking for since i built my HTPC.

    Now to see what i can break on my computers by trying to customize my builds. Step one, get the newest sources. Step two, finding a way to compile builds for windows.

  12. It's not really easy to build the binaries. There is an outdated tutorial there: link. The makefile for windows is "".

    If you want me to include some support for a TCP/IP connection in a future release, please open an issue.

  13. Thanks for all the info. I've opened and issue and i look forward to the future releases (with or without the TCP/IP support).

    Awesome project and thanks again.

  14. Thanks for the great program, everything I've tested so far works. Only in Duke Nukem Forever will not work lstick. In this game you can dispense the speed with lstick.One setting to low the pressure of lstick would really cool.

  15. Thanks for the quick response
    But this method does not work for this game.
    in other games I had no problems.
    Stutter movements you know what I mean

  16. If I go forward while holding down the button w (my setting for lstick wasd), it moves no further, only when I press the button again,
    Sorry for my bad englisch

  17. @xren7sx

    Are you using the usb or the bt version?


    It's not as easy as for the ps3, but yes, I will try to make a 360 version.

  18. I use the bt version with msi bt dongle (with a Bluecore4-rom).
    asus eeepc 900
    Ubuntu 10.04 i386
    Keyboard:logitech g15
    mouse:logitech g9
    application version:sixemu-2.3-1-i386

  19. A list of games that run without problems with the same settings:
    ratchet and clank tools of destruction

  20. I've been making a few more videos recently, while waiting for the USB serial part. But I thought this video in particular might be a little bit more interesting than the cliché Mouse + Keyboard with CoD gameplay ones:

    Two BT dongles, Wii Classic Controller, XWii and Sixaxis Emulator 🙂

  21. Thanks, I added it to the "Videos" page.

    Could you send me your config file please?
    Did you mapped the controls to match the layout of a sixaxis?

  22. Now I've tried it again with another input device (logitech chillstream) and the same result but only in this game. In borderlands everything works perfectly

  23. Yes, I made the layout to match the Sixaxis, unfortunately I couldn't figure out if it was possible using the XWii to map mouse movements to either analog so for now they're only assigned to four separate keyboard keys, making it non-analog (I'll be trying to figure this out or look into other solutions for communicating with Wii devices)

    It works the best for arcade or retro games but some games like inFAMOUS that has some built-in acceleration / deceleration to the aiming works OK too. Also, the Classic Controller doesn't have clickable analogs so there's basically two buttons missing – Which reminds me, do you happen to have shift-states planned for buttons in future versions? 🙂

    I modified one of the configuration files for the XWii but I'll make one just for the Sixaxis Emulator then I'll send you both the XWii and Sixaxis Emulator configs if you wanna toy around with / include them.

  24. I just saw the two other new videos and I also added them on this blog 🙂

    What exponent are you using for the mouse axes?

    If you want shift-states for buttons, please open an issue (this will be low priority).

  25. Yes, by all means, it's not an important feature, just would be handy, so no need to stress it 🙂

    I've found in Black Ops that an exponent of 0.75-85 works really well with my setup. I can mail you the config if you'd like.

  26. Trying to get it to work in windows now. I think i flashed my teensy correctly and have it put together, but the usb-usart wont show in 6emugui-serial.

  27. Quote from this post:

    [windows] the COM port is not detected (work-around: check the proper COM port in the device manager)

    This is issue 97.

    Could you please attach a screenshot of your device manager (only unfold COM ports) in issue 97?

  28. This is a performance issue. I don't have this problem with a 330 atom + win7. With a pentium D + win xp, I get this problem.

    At 100Hz the app is expected to send a report each 10ms. This message ('processing time higher than 10ms!') is displayed each time the event processing takes more than 10ms.

  29. Oh, I thought it was my computer 🙁 It's a P4…
    I'm trying to make a good config(the config exe is way cool btw:)), but most of the keyboard buttons aren't working for me. When I move my mouse the Xmb goes crazy. :/

  30. Sometimes a few bytes are sent by the pc to the serial port before the app starts. This makes the teensy unsynchronized, so that the joystick status is wrong. A work around is to stop emuclient and unplug/replug the teensy.

  31. I've now played around the whole week but without satisfactory results. When I hold down w (lstick up) while moving the mouse, he runs in the specified direction. "No mouse movement, no movement forward,"
    (no mouse), he moves only step by step to the front (very slow).you had to play the game themselves, to understand what I mean.
    Difficult to explain if you can not so good english

  32. I wondering if I may have done something wrong or maybe it's an issue. When I hold down the right mouse button the left sticks "lose" most of the sensitivity. In Black Ops for instance it's almost impossible to move the aim while aiming down the sight. Known problem? (USB adapter)

  33. Ah I didn't notice there was a second configuration inside it 😉 That'll probably do the trick. Thanks.
    And yeah, it does kinda work like a shift state (like you mentioned on the google code page), this could be handy for increasing the sense while aiming down the sight.

  34. Cool case! Mines just lying on the floor waiting to be stepped on…-_-
    I'm liking it so far. The translation needs some more work though, I feel like I'm starting mouse movement from an asymptote, and the diagonal movement feels a bit faster than the x/y. Also a bit jittery but I think that could be from my cpu… Other than that the only problem is no PS button and my G5's forward button lowers my dpi instead of pressing L2(except when in gui mode). Overall the controls feel way more responsive, I haven't measured it but I definitely feel it's there.

  35. You have to finely tune the translation parameters (1-dead zone, 2-dead zone shape, 3-multiplier, 4-exponent+multiplier).

    I don't really understand what's your problem with the forward button?

  36. In my config i have mapped Forward(button_X2) to L2 and it doesn't send L2 to the game. It lowers my mouse DPI instead for some reason. Putting output on gui makes it send L2 to the game. Weird huh

  37. je vais passer pour un abruti..mais bon..

    question1: si on a pas ubuntu on peut pas faire la manipulation ?

    question2: quelle marque de dongle acheter pour être sur de pouvoir faire les manips ? je parle dans le grand commerce.. Fnac…

    question3: cette manipulation permet de faire la même chose que le :XFPS Rateup adapter ??

    voila merci de vos reponses,


  38. 1/ La version bluetooth ne marche que sous Ubuntu. Pour windows, il est possible d'utiliser un adaptateur usb-usb dont la construction est expliquée sur ce blog. Le montage conseillé : lien.

    2/ J'ai testé un dongle peabird et un dongle trust achetés chez saturn, les deux marchent (mais les fabriquants peuvent changer de fournisseur en cours de production…).

    3/ Oui (sauf l'auto-fire).

  39. Wow, after having just done a quick calibration in Windows I must say I have never felt such PC-like aim from any hardware-based adapters or the bluetooth solution before. Running on "only" 125hz it's actually very smooth (250hz totally spazes out), though I'm getting the "processing time higher than 8ms" message (like Jeremy) and any movement or aim in games stutters slightly when it happens.
    I can live with it but I was under the impression that it only happened on older computers, hmmm…

  40. Did you closed all other applications like if you were playing on the pc? For ex Firefox is quite cpu-consuming…

  41. Yeah, I made sure not to have any CPU-consuming programs running in the background. It's only happening once or twice ever hour though.

    I'm gonna try another USB extension cable or perhaps setting the CPU-priority of the emulator higher? I'll let you know if I figure anything out. Is the 250hz mode supposed to work by the way, or is it there for compatibility/future development etc?

  42. Emuclient already should run as a "realtime" process.

    I only have an Atom N330 (1.6GHz dual-core) running Win7 64Bit, and the 250Hz mode works fine (the message only appears from time to time).

    I will try to see if I can improve the performance for future releases.

  43. Perhaps the Atom CPU runs much more optimized than my antique CPU even though there's some raw power difference 🙂

    It was actually running in "High" and not "Realtime" by the way, since I didn't run the Sixemugui with Admin privileges. Unfortunately having it run in "Realtime" didn't stop the messages.

    But like you said, it's only from time to time – the USB solution is so awesome that I can live with it for now 🙂

  44. I think the linux usb version is better than the windows usb version.

    But I also think the windows usb version is better than the linux bt version.

    It's hard to confirm because windows is a "black-box".

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