Teensy 2.0 + CP2102 board

I received my Teensy 2.0 board. I ordered it to check that the hardware I am suggesting (for the usb connection) works.
Delivery was very quick, it took a week from the US to my home (France).
The Teensy 2.0 works fine with the CP2102 board I tested in my previous post.

My PC to PS3 usb controller:

I directly soldered the Rx and Tx pins of the CP2102 board on the Teensy. I added a small wire for the grounds.

Note that this assembly requires to be handled with care: if you plug the Teensy, then hold the Teensy, and if you plug the CP2102 board, then hold the CP2102 board. If you don’t do that, each board can be damaged (in the long term) near the Rx-Tx pins.

Warning: this hardware solution doesn’t work with sixemu <= v0.22 because the serial connection doesn’t work at the right speed (v0.23 solves this).

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  1. So, I finally received the CP2102 board. My parts look identical to the ones in this picture.

    Flashed it with the firmware, everything went OK.
    I managed to solder everything together and there looks to be good contact at the solder joints.
    I fire up Sixemugui-rs232 in Ubuntu and I see the "ttyUSB0", but after starting the client, whenever I move the mouse everything on the PS3 is spazzing out (as if randomly pressing buttons and moving the analogs on a Sixaxis) There`s communication between the PC and the PS3 but the signals seems to be scrambled.

    Did I mess up the soldering? I tried swapping the TX and RX since you mentioned they were reversed on some boards, but when I did that there was no response on the PS3.

    I think I remember reading about someone else having the same problem either here or on Youtube but I couldn`t find that comment again.

  2. Disregard that entire post, I`m an idiot 🙂

    I somehow managed to install version 0.22 instead of 0.23 when I did a clean install of Ubuntu 11 yesterday. Upgrading to 0.23 obviously fixed it.

    Now to get it working in Windows and to start making the videos 🙂

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