What’s next?

I managed to convert ps/2 devices (mouse + keyboard) to a ps3 controller (see older posts, from the oldest one).

Now, I want to use following devices with my PS3:

1- wireless usb keyboard + mouse (Logitech EX100)
2- usb mouse (Logitech G5) + ps/2 keyboard
3- usb joystick (Saitek ST200)

More ideas:
– add a mouse and a keyboard in the same usb hid device (so that mouse and keyboard can be used as mouse and keyboard too)
– control a pc with the same mouse and keyboard
– convert multiple usb devices to a single ps3 controller

=> I’m now planning to convert usb hid devices to a ps3 controller.

A first idea is to:
– use the v-usb framework for the usb device (ps3 controller)
– use the LUFA framework for the usb host (to get data from hid devices)

BUT Teensy++ is based on an AT90USB1286 chip which only supports usb device mode.

– I have to find an AT90USB647- or AT90USB1287-based board such as AT90USBKEY
– I have to work with a software-implemented usb host stack such as that one.

I’m not sure that it will work on a single chip (see discussion there).

4 Replies to “What’s next?”

  1. Ca va être plus compliqué que prévu…
    J'attends mon JTAGICE mkII et quelques composants pour me lancer dans l'usb host en software.

  2. pas de nouvelles? 🙁
    1- wireless usb keyboard + mouse … j'aime bien l'idée!!

    t'as des comparaisons entre ton travaille et les solutions comercielles (et cheres) comme aimon ou tuact ?

  3. J'ai laissé tomber car le sixaxis emulator me satisfait. Il permet par ailleurs l'utilisation de claviers et souris sans fil.

    Je n'ai pas pu comparer moi-même avec des produits commerciaux, mais j'ai reçu quelques éloges à ce sujet.

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