DIY pc to ps3 usb controller

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  1. Can you use the software as it is with PC built-in RS-232 port, instead of the converter?

    If not, can this feature be added?


  2. Unfortunately, the rs232 port on a PC does not operate at the same voltage levels than the TTL levels. In the end you still will need a converter. I think it's better to directly buy a usb to serial TTL converter.

  3. Oooh, very tempted to try this, but I think I need to use jumper wires instead of soldering this stuff. Does this look like a good kit?:

    The Teensy seems to be a fake one but apparently it has the right chip (at90usb162)

    I'll definitely make a video of me putting it all together and using it if it works 😀

  4. Look at the schematic: one side plugs into the pc (usb to serial converter = type A usb), and the other side to the ps3 (teensy = mini-A usb).

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