Stats over a year

I started blogging about this project in February 2010. Following chart from google analytics shows the fluctuation of visitors.

There were a few peaks:

  • 2 news on hackaday in April/May 2010
  • in September 2010, due to the psgroove, many people looking for avr usb dev boards
  • in December 2010, a thread started on about using macros for GT5/B-spec
  • in Mars 2011, the Kinect-PS3 was released
  • in May 2011, news on many websites (hackaday, korben, dashhacks, ps3hax, logic-sunrise, psx-scene, psgroove…)

One Reply to “Stats over a year”

  1. Yeah, May 2011 the viewcount on the v0.11 video I made skyrocketed from a few thousand to 20 000+ in a few days, and it's in a steady growth now.

    Just imagine if the big ones like Kotaku, 1UP, Destructoid etc. picks this up, there's gonna be a storm on your site 🙂

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